Chapter 464: Running for Her Life (4)

Chapter 464: Running for Her Life (4)
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Huo Mian pushed a little harder, and the needle immediately penetrated the skin of the man's neck. In an instant, his body felt numb...

"Wh-wh-what's happening to me?"

"Does your body feel stiff and your tongue feel numb?" Huo Mian asked gently.

The man nodded repeatedly...

"I must have forgotten to mention, but I work at a hospital and I have the opportunity to come into contact with lots of drugs. A woman needs to learn to protect herself, so I always carry deadly poisons on me. The silver needle contained a new type of poison developed by my hospital, which means that you will die within an hour without any antidote."

"You damn b*tch, let our Boss go!" the other men said anxiously, their faces looking grave.

"The poison prevents him from speaking if you guys want him to die fast, keep holding me up."

"#.." The subordinates didn't know what to do.

"If you want him to live, then send someone with me and drive me out of here, or I will kill him off first so he goes down with me." Huo Mian pushed the needle into their Boss's neck slightly further, causing blood to begin to spill through the wound...

"What do we do? Boss's face is turning purple, he's clearly poisoned. We should let her go, or Boss is going to die."

"Okay, don't move. We'll drive you out."

The subordinates reluctantly agreed...

The corner of Huo Mian's lip lifted into a slight smile. Ever since she was almost held up by Zhou Guangming at Seductive Fox last time, she knew she might be unsafe when she was on her own. From then on, to be prepared, she had been wearing a button-like brooch on her sleeves, with a needle underneath.

The button-like brooch itself carried a small amount of purple liquid that she invented, but it wasn't deadly to the human body. It would simply paralyze the victim for a brief amount of time.

It turned people's skin purple, but it wasn't as scary as it looked.

Huo Mian pointed to one of the men and ordered, "You drive. The others will stay here."

In merely minutes, the man drove Huo Mian's Volkswagen back onto the highway with his boss and her sitting in the back. The boss' skin was completely purple and he was unable to mutter a single word.

"Is my boss going to be okay? Can you give us the antidote first?"

"I will give it to you when you drop me off at the right place," Huo Mian said slowly with her eyes closed.

To be honest, he was very impressed by the woman in front of him. In the face of danger, she was as calm as a clam. There were nine of them, yet not only did she get away unscratched, but she also played them all...

- Twenty minutes later in a busy downtown street -

"Park there," Huo Mian ordered.

"And the antidote?"

"Answer my question and I will give it to you," said Huo Mian.

"What is it?"

"Who's behind this?"

"I can't tell you, it's against the rules." The man tilted his head up slightly in pride.

"Is that so? Sorry, no antidote then, off you go."

"Are you playing us, b*tch?" The man looked like he was going to lash out on her.

"Don't be so hasty, young one. This is downtown and 500 meters away from a police station. All I need to do is to scream, and you two will be cuffed right away. I'm assuming you two have previous criminal records, am I correct?"

The man fell silent as he heard what Huo Mian said because everything she said was spot on. She was good...

"Your boss is running out of time, you know what's going to happen if he doesn't take the antidote?"

"Our employer, she-" The man finally spoke up.

"Who is it?" Huo Mian's eyes darkened, as she asked coldly.