Chapter 462: Running for Her Life (2)

Chapter 462: Running for Her Life (2)
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The people on the white van all jumped off as Huo Mian sped towards them.

They ran towards the side and watched, almost in slow-motion, as Huo Mian smashed through the van. The van instantly became almost unrecognizable.

Huo Mian sighed in relief. It was fortunate the van came from a lesser known and inferior brand and was made in China (TL Note: hey, it's not racist if I make the joke); therefore, the quality was more than concerning. Huo Mian's Volkswagen CC, on the other, was made in Germany. With years of experienced crafting and quality assurance, her car was not as heavily impacted as the van.

"Boss, she's getting away!" one of the men yelled out in the Honda business van.

"Don't worry, she won't get away."

The boss smiled coldly in the Honda, seemingly to already have something planned...

Huo Mian kept on driving, passing the white van, and arriving at the entrance of a village.

She could scream for help once there were people, surely the villagers would help her.

Just as she sped towards the village entrance, a small girl who looked to be five to six years old ran into the middle of the road. She wore a red sundress with her hair in a pair of piggy tails and a lollipop in her hand...

Huo Mian gasped and quickly stomped on the brakes, stopping the car just three inches in front of the girl.

She was that close to running her over...

"Oh, how did you get here, honey? It's so dangerous! Come with mommy." A female villager appeared immediately, picked up the girl, and quickly walked away.

Seeing Huo Mian's car come to a stop, the men in the Honda said contently, "Boss, that was amazing! The villager was willing to risk her child's life for merely a hundred yuan, haha!"

"Enough talk, go and get her."

The people from both vehicles walked up shortly, all nine of them, each with a metal bat in their hands.

"Miss Huo, if you may." The boss walked over and politely opened Huo Mian's car door, gesturing his arm for Huo Mian to get off the car.

Huo Mian kept her silence and walked out. Everything looked to be previously planned since he even knew her last name.

"Gentlemen, have I wronged any of you?" Huo Mian smiled.

"No, but you offended our friend."

"Oh? Would you care to explain who your friend is? Perhaps I can explain myself to her."

"There's no need for that. My friend has a rather nasty temper and asked us to teach you a lesson."

"Oh, well then. I know everyone here is for the money. How much did your friend give you? Let me go, and I will double it. Deal?"

"You'll double it?"

"Yes, double." Huo Mian nodded.

"Haha, I'm afraid you wouldn't have enough. My friend paid three million. Would you be able to afford that?"

"Three million is indeed a large sum of money." Huo Mian downcasted her eyes in thought, pulling up all the possible names that would have a malicious intent towards her. He Man, Huo Yanyan, Shen Jiani, or even Zhou Guangming?

None of them would fit the profile. He Man, for one, didn't have this much money.

Huo Yanyan, on the other hand, still needed her help. This surely wouldn't provide any benefit to them, and lastly, Huo Yanyan was not a generous person that would spend three million like this. It wasn't her style.

It couldn't be Zhou Guangming either, he was already taken care of by Qin Chu.

So the person that wanted her dead would have to be#

"Quit wasting my time. I can tell that you don't have six million just by the car you drive."

"Let's talk it out. Yes, my car is mediocre, but my boyfriend is rich. He can send me the money, really. If you guys let me go, I promise to deliver the six million to you guys, not a penny less."

"Boss, can we trust her? She doesn't look very wealthy. Her car is at most worth two hundred thousand, and her clothes are not brand name either. Don't be fooled." One of the men chimed in.