Chapter 459: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (9)

Chapter 459: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (9)
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"Mr. Su, it's very nice to meet you." Huo Zhenghai put on his socializing face as he walked through the door.

Su Yu slumped more into his chair, barely acknowledging Huo Zhenghai's presence.

"Have a seat, Chairman Huo."

Su Yu's secretary brought in two cups of hot tea as soon as Huo Zhenghai sat down.

"Oh yes, very good tea!" Huo Zhenghai sipped a mouthful and complimented. "Must be Longjing leaves picked right after the rain, sweet and refreshing." He continued.

"Hm. I have no idea what it is. Someone had gifted to my father and he couldn't finish it. He gave it to me to serve it to old grandpas like you."

Su Yu had no intention of coating his thoughts as he directly called Huo Zhenghai an old grandpa...

However, Huo Zhenghai was not upset by Su Yu's choice of words. After all, humans had a way of picking their battles that reconciled with their own personal interest. If Su Yu's last name wasn't Su, he would have most definitely lashed out.

"Haha, I like your straightforwardness, Mr. Su."

"I don't remember having any business contacts with the Huo Corporation. What is it that you are looking for here?" Su Yu asked with his eyes half open, seemingly bored.

"Since you've asked, I guess there's no point of me going in circles. I heard that you've taken an interest in my daughter, Huo Mian? Is that correct?" Huo Zhenghai put down his cup of tea and carefully examined Su Yu's expression.

"Your daughter? Does Huo Mian have anything to do with your family?" Su Yu asked deliberately.

"Haha, Mr. Su, perhaps you didn't know. I'm rather embarrassed about it too, but it happened twenty or so odd years ago. Huo Mian is a lost daughter of mine."

"A lost daughter, hm? Why, I must have heard a different story then, where you didn't even admit her existence. I only know you have one daughter, and its Huo Yanyan."

"Oh. Ha. Well. Mian's mother wouldn't forgive me. I was young and na?ve then and hurt her deeply. As the days pass, age is starting to creep up on me. The importance of family is incomparable, so naturally#" Huo Zhenghai continued, in an attempt to appear as a good father figure in front of Su Yu.

Deep down, Su Yu felt a strong sense of disgust...

It was no surprise that Huo Mian had publicly announced her disengagement from this old guy. If it were up to him, he would have slapped Huo Zhenghai across the face by now.

"I see# so, you're here to inquire about my interest in Huo Mian?"

"Yes. Rumors are just rumors, and I can't believe everything I heard. I thought I would come and verify with you."

"It's true, I like Huo Mian. However, the feeling isn't mutual. She's not interested."

"Oh, really?" Huo Zhenghai appeared rather content.

"Yup. I've tried everything I can, but she would barely throw me a glance. I'm all out of ideas, I should probably give up..." Su Yu said intentionally.

"Hm. Perhaps I could help you, Mr. Su."

"You? How?" Su Yu lazily leaned forward from his chair and observed Huo Zhenghai.

"I can help you convince her, of course! The kid is rather stubborn, but she's got a soft heart. If I were to welcome her back to the family and give her a decent identity, it would surely look good for the Su Family if you guys decide to get engaged."

"Engaged? You're thinking rather far..." Su Yu sneered.

"Well, it's not impossible. Think about it, the marriage would advance both of our enterprises. Haha, your father will be delighted to hear the union of two strong families."

"That's not important to my family. My grandfather only expects my future wife to be a self-respecting woman."

"Oh yes, your grandfather is very correct."

"Anyway, I don't think you'll be of much help to me, Chairman Huo."

"Why do you say that, Mr. Su?" Huo Zhenghai noticed Su Yu only told him half of the story.

"Because Huo Mian is married..."

"What?" Huo Zhenghai was dumbstruck.

"Haha, sounds like you didn't know?" Su Yu enjoyed watching Huo Zhenghai's reaction.

"What# to who? Who is she married to?" Huo Zhenghai asked. Clearly, the news came too fast, and he had no way of digesting it.