Chapter 454: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (4)

Chapter 454: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (4)
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"Okay, and then? Who won?" Qin Chu asked casually.

"Hmm# well, I won. I think I made your mom very upset."

Huo Mian thought Qin Chu was going to advise her otherwise when it came to arguing with his mother.

But instead, he said, "Good job, honey."

"Hm# but, isn't she your mother?" Huo Mian asked awkwardly.

"Yeah, and you are my wife," Qin Chu answered matter-of-factly.

"So the saying 'men forget their mothers as soon as they have a wife' is true then!" Huo Mian said half-jokingly.

'Of course not, you have to stick to the issue at hand. I would let you know if you were being insensible and deliberately trying to make trouble out of nothing. However, I know exactly the type of person my mother is. She likes to stir up trouble and speak ill of people. You, on the other hand, are someone who tries to stay clear of trouble. I don't even need to think to know who started the fight. Someone tough really ought to tame her temper, or else my father and I will live the rest of our lives restlessly."

"Hm, you are kind of making sense."

Qin Chu was someone who had a clear distinction between what was right and what was wrong. He knew Huo Mian's personality, so he would never blame her even though Huo Mian had a fight with his mother. He knew Huo Mian was someone who knew where to draw the line, and she would never randomly pick a fight with his mother.

- The next morning -

Huo Mian's day was free as she was scheduled to work the night shift. After finishing breakfast, Qin Chu suggested that she stop by GK.

"Hm, maybe not. What am I supposed to do when you're in a meeting?"

"You can read in my office. I have hundreds of thousands of books in my office, you can read whatever you like."

"Okay then..."

In the end, Huo Mian was successfully convinced by Qin Chu. She sat in his car and the pair headed toward GK Headquarters.

Qin Chu was never a person who was fond of being late, so he always arrived at work during peak employee arrival times.

Many of GK's employees had heard of the president's so-called girlfriend. However, they've never seen Huo Mian in the flesh.

Huo Mian wore a slim-fit blazer and a pair of black wide-legged pants, looking very much like a senior executive. Her presence was extremely confident and graceful as she walked beside Qin Chu, not being overshadowed by him at all.

Huo Mian didn't think she would see the IT guy, Wang Tao, on the very first floor. He was that reckless guy who had tried to hit on her at Seductive Fox.

Wang Tao didn't think he was ever going to be able to see her here either, and he almost peed his pants.

She was holding the president's arm. It was true - she was really the president's woman.

Huo Mian recognized Wang Tao the moment she saw him.

However, she didn't bother wasting her time with him. Instead, she pretended to have forgotten about the incident and ignored him...

Wang Tao was scared half to death and was glad that she didn't recognize him. Or else, if she were to tell the president, he would surely be fired.

"Director Wang, what's wrong? You don't look so well," a coworker asked.

"Oh, nothing. Is that woman the president's girlfriend?" Wang Tao asked nervously.

"Yeah, everyone's seen her already. Perhaps you weren't paying attention. The president hasn't formally introduced her to everyone yet, but she's for sure the boss lady! After all, the president had never treated any other woman this kind before. Even Assistant Yang speaks to her with the utmost respect."

"Oh, I see." Wang Tao was so scared that he was sweating buckets. He didn't dare to use the elevator and climbed seven flights of stairs to the IT Department.

He then proceeded to stay inside the department for the whole day to avoid Huo Mian, in case she recognized him.

- Inside the president's office -

When Qin Chu left for his morning meeting, Huo Mian sat alone on the sofa and was reading The Ordinary World.

Assistant Yang poured her a coffee and ordered people from the secretary's office to bring in morning tea, providing the best service possible.

Huo Mian looked up and glanced over at Qin Chu's desk. To her surprise, there was a delicate picture frame with a picture of her from seven years ago. In the picture, she had her hair up in a ponytail and was smiling happily without a care in the world.

At that moment, the office door was pushed open...