Chapter 453: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (3)

Chapter 453: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (3)
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"I used to think too much about things that didn't really matter. I was always anxious about what the next thing will be, and that in turn had caused me to miss out on a lot of things. I felt like a lost soul in the seven years that I have been apart from Qin Chu. Now that he's back, I can feel myself awakened and living again. Zhixin was right, life is short, I really shouldn't be thinking so much and worrying myself silly. I should take things one step at a time. The fact that I am with Qin Chu right now makes me very happy," Huo Mian said slowly.

"Damn, girl! Good for you for thinking like that. It's true, everyone has their own way of living, we really shouldn't make our lives so complicated. Qin Chu is Qin Chu, and his mother is his mother. In the end, you married him, not his parents. You know, despite his age, that Zhixin kiddo is pretty philosophical. I should really go to him for guidance if I ever feel down, haha."

Zhu Lingling let out a breath. She was glad Huo Mian stopped thinking so much and was less sensitive.

Or else, she and Gao Ran would have both been exhausted just by watching them.

After shopping, the girls went their separate ways.

Huo Mian purchased quite a bit of veggie and meat to fill their fridge with.

She took out her phone, carefully took a photo, and updated her WeChat status.

"Seeing my fridge stuffed with food makes me overflow with happiness."

"This fridge is too ugly, we'll swap it out tomorrow," Qin Chu replied immediately.

"How can you be jealous of a fridge? Are you really a man?"

"Shouldn't you know whether I am a man?"

Huo Mian didn't know what to say.

"Come and take a look everyone! Look at this couple talking dirty in broad daylight! It's damn blinding," Gao Ran replied underneath.

"Has C City been too peaceful? You seem like you have nothing better to do." Qin Chu's tone was quite frosty.

The bunch of them were having way too much fun in the comment section...

"Alright, that's enough talk about my fridge! It will feel bad!" Huo Mian replied to everyone at once, put down her phone, and walked to the dining room.

By the time Qin Chu got off work, she had made four dishes and a bowl of soup.

Huo Mian was a woman with high standards for living quality. She ate well and slept well.

She would never mistreat herself. Some women, on the other hand, were very stingy to themselves; they would never treat themselves to anything, and saved everything for their sons and husbands.

But in the end, the husband would cheat and find himself a lover, because men do not like women who were yellow-faced and battered looking.

So, Huo Mian thought, not only was she going to feed herself well, but she was also going to feed Qin Chu well. Maybe even to the point where he gains some weight, so he can stop being so dazzling.

"Time to eat!" Huo Mian clapped her hands as she watched Qin Chu walk in.

"That's a lot of delicious food." Qin Chu glanced at the dining table full of dishes.

"Yup, I went shopping with Lingling, but there wasn't much to buy. So, I bought a bunch of groceries. Hurry up and try it! I tried making fish filets in hot chili oil! It's my first time making such a difficult Sichuan dish!"

Qin Chu took off his jacket, washed his hands, and saw that there was big metal bowl covered in red hot chili peppers.

"Looks good."

"Let's eat, it will get cold soon."

Other than the fish filets in hot chili oil, there were also three other stir-fried veggie dishes. They both ate happily.

Huo Mian was rather talented when it came to cooking; after all, she was a genius. She was a fast learner for most things. Oftentimes, skills that required ten years to grasp for others would only take her less than half a year to master.

Despite making fish fillets in hot chili oil for the first time, it still tasted delicious, which explained why Qin Chu was busy eating the whole time and barely looked up. Huo Mian felt rather proud.



"I bumped into your mother while shopping today. I had an argument with her," Huo Mian put down her chopsticks and confessed.