Chapter 451: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (1)

Chapter 451: The Tiger Hasn*t Shown off Its Fury Yet (1)
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"Whoa, it isn't a holiday or my birthday, why are you giving me jewelry?" Mrs. Su seemed very happy.

She opened the box, took out the bracelet and placed it on her wrist to look at it#

"I finally did some good at the GK charity banquet a few days ago, I donated money to buy this," Su Yu spoke truthfully as he touched the bridge of his nose.

Grandpa Su was clearly in a great mood, and he laughed and said, "Yu, you've done well. Once you have the ability, you should think about doing good for society. This is called 'take from the people, and use it on the people'#"

His grandpa was an old army commander and often liked to use old sayings, so Su Yu had grown accustomed to it.

He walked over to his grandpa's side and sat down beside him as he poured himself a little cup of baijiu. "Grandpa, let me drink with you today"

"Sure, you little brat, it's rare to see you in such a good mood."

"Your grandpa has high blood sugar, don't drink so much with him," warned Su Yu's dad with a grim face.

"Hey, it's fine. Su Yu is rarely in such a good mood, it makes me happy too." His grandpa smiled.

"Oh right, Yu# when I went to inspect the army this time, I saw a granddaughter of an old subordinate. This child is also in military school, and she's really pretty and smart. She is now a troop commander located right on the mountain north of us. It's not far, so you two should meet up when you're free. Young people should have a lot to talk about."

"Grandpa, I'm not short of women, you don't need to go through so much trouble to find girls for me," Su Yu replied as he drank a small sip of baijiu.

Su Yu's father said upsettingly, "Your women aren't qualified to become a part of our family. Your grandpa said that actresses can't marry into the Su family, so don't even think about it."

"Look at you, why are you saying things like that while we're enjoying such a nice dinner? Yu knows what's right and what's wrong, he's not one to be unreasonable." Su Yu's mother immediately protected her son.

"Don't worry Dad, I won't marry female entertainers." Su Yu, however, didn't talk back to his dad.

Su Yu's father fell silent, but he seemed to be satisfied with his son's response#

"Yu, you're not that young anymore. You don't have to get married, but you should at least get engaged first. Those old friends of mine all have grandchildren. I'm not asking for grandchildren, but you should at least let me see my grand-daughter-in-law before I die. Haha, it'll be a pity if I died before I get to meet her..."

"Grandpa, you won't die, you'll live for a hundred years."

"Don't kiss my ass, you little brat. Your grandpa is a normal person, and I'll be seventy in a few years, and will have ten years to live at most. Don't make me wait for too long," Grandpa Su instructed with a profound voice.

Su Yu's mother suddenly thought of something, and she asked, "Hey, son, last time you told me about a girl you liked. How is it going? Anything new to tell?"

"No, I'm still in a one-sided relationship," Su Yu spoke truthfully.

"One-sided relationship, don't be such a coward! Why don't you confess your feelings to her?' Grandpa Su became impatient when he heard Su Yu say this.

Su Yu scratched the back of his head. "I did, but she rejected me."

"Coward, if she refuses once, then try again. If that doesn't work, then try for a third time. There's a nice saying that goes, 'Your absolute sincerity will move a heart of stone', you have to be patient," Grandpa Su advised.

"I didn't give up, I'm just waiting for a good opportunity," explained Su Yu.

"What kind of girl is she, what does her family do?" asked Su Yu's father under his breath.

"She's a nurse at a hospital and is from a very average household. Her mother seems to own a convenience store, and her little brother is still in school."

"That's too normal#" Su Yu's father was clearly unsatisfied.

Grandpa Su immediately interrupted, "Hey it's fine as long as Yu likes her, don't be so picky. Remember what I said, it's fine as long as she's a good kid, has a good personality, a kind heart, and is filial."

"She fits all of your standards, Grandpa."

"Okay, then good, continue courting her. Try to bring her to meet Grandpa soon."

"Yes, dear, I'm becoming impatient as well," Su Yu's mother added.

"I'll do my best." Truth be told, Su Yu wasn't confident.

He used to be, but when he found out that Huo Mian was already married to Qin Chu, he felt quite a blow.

Plus, Huo Mian never even treated him like a friend. She had been very cold to him, making it impossible for him to approach her.

After Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling ate, Zhu Lingling asked if she wanted to go to the mall. When they walked into a brand-named watch store, Huo Mian had a coincidental encounter with Mrs. Qin, who was there with a few middle-aged wealthy ladies.

"Hey, that seems to be Qin Chu's mom," Zhu Lingling quietly said as she pointed to a woman.