Chapter 450: Pushing Your Luck (10)

Chapter 450: Pushing Your Luck (10)
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"Can you help me play a ranked game tomorrow? I want to see how good you are."

"Sure, no problem. But after the game, you have to go out with me and walk around in the sun."

"Deal." The young brat brightly smiled.

Huang Jiaming was a total geek. He didn't like any kinds of sports, and more so, he didn't like being in the sun.

Huo Mian also hoped that he would slowly adjust his mood, and so to help him recover, she even had to play games with him.

After she walked out of the room, Nannan smiled, "Head Nurse, you sure get along well with others. You can handle any type of patient."

"Learning to get along with others is crucial, you should treat your patients like they're your friends. If you're honest and genuine with them, then they'll naturally return the favor."

"Seems like I've learned quite a lot, once again." Nannan initially antagonized Huo Mian with Tingting, but they've been through quite a lot, and now she admired Huo Mian.

Nowadays, Huo Mian was quite well-known at South Side, and even doctors from other departments often came to ask her about patients or get her to help with treatment plans. Some patients even gave her gifts, but she would never accept them unless they were smaller items.

After work, Huo Mian went looking for Zhu Lingling, and the two went to a Taiwanese restaurant.

Huo Mian passed over a shopping bag. "This is for you."

"Whoa, Hermes bag, the newest edition, and two of them? You must've spent a fortune on this# Did you want me to do something for you?" asked Zhu Lingling with a smile on her face.


"Then why are you giving me gifts for no reason?" Zhu Lingling thought it was odd.

"Huo Siqian gave me these, I can't take it back and don't want it anyways. It'd be a pity if I threw them away, so I thought it would be best that you have them."

"Why would you throw them out? They're too expensive, it's right for you to give them to me." Zhu Lingling really liked luxurious items, and she was filled with joy when she saw these two bags.

"How are things with you and Gao Ran recently?" Huo Mian asked nonchalantly as she ate.

"Ahem# what do you mean? You make it sound like there's something going on between us."

"Of course there's something going on, a lot of things actually."

"Don't lie like that, or else I'll glue your mouth together." Zhu Lingling laughed as she teased Huo Mian.

Huo Mian liked hanging out with Zhu Lingling because she always felt so relaxed around her.

They would talk when they had things to say, but the two wouldn't feel awkward even if they had nothing to say and just enjoyed the silence.

This was much better than those close friends who were nice to each other on the surface, but secretly plotted and fought against each other.

"Oh right, Liu Siying got engaged, did you know?"

"Huh? I don't, when was this?" Huo Mian was a bit shocked.

"Right, you left the group chat and didn't see the notification. It happened just a few days ago, she sent a notification in the group chat, and many of our classmates went to her engagement party. She's pretty wealthy, so she didn't accept gifts. I hear her fianc谷 is a wealthy heir that came back from abroad and is pretty good looking. I want to tell you something, but don't get mad, okay?"

"Why would I be mad#" Huo Mian lowered her head and took a bite of the pork ribs.

"I saw a picture of that fianc谷 of hers in the group, he looks a bit# like Qin Chu."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, just a tiny bit like him... Maybe that was why Liu Siying fell for him. She knew she couldn't get Qin Chu, so she found a replacement. To be honest, what she did was a little crazy." Zhu Lingling sighed.

"I think it's good that she knows what she wants. For example, she doesn't hide the fact that she likes Qin Chu, and doesn't go all crazy when she's rejected. She even finds someone who looks like Qin Chu to get married to. A person like her sure is determined.."

"Haha, you're right, but this is great. Now you've got one less enemy!" Zhu Lingling laughed.

"Yeah right, what kind of enemy was she? Our Master Qin doesn't even talk to her at all, she's in a single-sided relationship at most, okay?"

Huo Mian had already grown accustomed to Liu Siying's persistence after Qin Chu, ever since high school.

Besides, Huo Mian knew all too well what sort of person Qin Chu was#

- At the Su Family Manor -

Su Yu drove back home and stayed for dinner. His parents and grandpa were all at home, and the whole family happily gathered together.

"Mom# this set of jewelry is for you." Su Yu took out the jewelry he bought at the auction several days ago and handed it to Mrs. Su.