Chapter 449: Pushing Your Luck (9)

Chapter 449: Pushing Your Luck (9)
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"I've been with Young Master Su for three years now and am the woman who spent the most time by his side. I won't leave him, and I won't let any other women enter his life. It's fine if it's just fooling around, but don't blame me for being cruel afterward. You're only a nurse at a tiny hospital, so don't be so arrogant and don't think that just because Young Master Su is on your side, you can do whatever you want. If you keep being like this, then I can destroy you in a matter of seconds. I'm not trying to scare you, but I'll give you three days to end things with Mr. Su, or else#"

Zhao Qingya didn't finish her sentence, but Huo Mian knew clearly what she was about to say.

There was nothing going on between her and Su Yu. It was just that Su Yu loved her but she didn't return his feelings, but Zhao Qingya was now being absolutely despicable.

Huo Mian was also infuriated#

If tigers didn't show their fury, then they would be treated like sick cats.

"I will do what I like. If you dare do anything to me, then you're doomed. I might be an average little nurse, but you're no better. I'm being nice by calling you a celebrity, but you're no more than a show freak. Don't push others around, we're all earning money with our own abilities."

"Are you officially declaring war against me?" Zhao Qingya was now completely infuriated.

"I wouldn't have even come up here if I knew that you would say all these ret@rded and absurd words to me. What a waste of my time. Plus, I do have to warn you, if you can't keep your man, then it's your fault. Don't come here threatening me. There's no point. You should look for Su Yu instead. Are you afraid of him? If you're such a chicken and don't have the guts to go looking for him, then don't come looking for me and say all that bull crap. Let me tell you, I'm scarier than Su Yu, and I'm not your mom, so I won't let you get away with this." Huo Mian turned around to leave after she spoke#

"Very well, you filthy woman, just you wait." Zhao Qingya hatefully gripped her mask and tossed it on the ground.

After Huo Mian sent away that crazy Zhao Qingya, she immediately went on rounds.

Along the way, Nannan reported to her, "The mood of the patient in room 7 has gotten much better recently, and he's no longer ill-tempered. I've followed your orders and gave him an hour of gaming time, and he seemed to have been much happier. He would even occasionally talk with us nurses. The Psychiatric Department said that since he's been feeling better here, then he should stay here for now, and not be transferred back and forth so much. They're scared that he would be troubled by the unfamiliar environment and refuse unfamiliar nurses. His family, however, seems to be very busy. His mother visited two days ago and left after she deposited a few hundred thousand in the hospital accounts, and she said that he would continue to say here. No one knows when this will end."

"Parents like that are really irresponsible, they're destroying that poor child." Huo Mian slightly sighed.

Parents who solved problems using money will only raise children that lack love.

Huo Mian felt bad for that young man when she arrived at room seven.

She saw a nurse administering an IV for the boy, yet he was very quiet and didn't move at all.

He appeared to be somewhat excited when he saw Huo Mian come in, "Hey Big Sis, you're here."

"How are you feeling today?" smiled Huo Mian.

"Much better, feeling pretty chill, and I'm not so rattled up anymore."

"That's good, you need to learn to control your mood. The medicine we've given you is like a band-aid that helps you on your way to recovery, but it won't eradicate the root of the problem, so your emotions and mood are what matters."

"Yes, I'll follow your orders. I'm not even that angry after I lose a game. If I get killed, then I'll just kill them back next time."

Huo Mian nodded, "That's a good way of thinking. Take care of yourself, if you need anything, just let the nurses know."

"Okay, I know."

"You can finish your IV injection, and I'll head over to the other rooms first." Just as Huo Mian was about to leave, the youth suddenly opened his mouth.

"Hey Big Sis# can I ask you for a favor?"

"What is it?" Huo Mian asked.