Chapter 448: Pushing Your Luck (8)

Chapter 448: Pushing Your Luck (8)
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"I'm Zhao Qingya, I'm on the rooftop terrace of your hospital right now. Can we talk?"

"Miss Zhao, I don't think I know you very well."

"I have something to talk to you about, that's it." Zhao Qingya hung up before Huo Mian could say anything else.

Huo Mian felt speechless, but she knew that Zhao Qingya was a well-known celebrity.

When she was free at home, she would occasionally watch a historical T.V. drama that Qingya starred in, and she thought that her acting was pretty good.

However# she really didn't want to interact with her in private, ever since Qingya "tossed" her that bag.

Huo Mian didn't like Zhao Qingya because she didn't seem friendly. But since there wasn't anything going on with her and Su Yu, she didn't pay much attention to Zhao Qingya. However, if she was trying to steal Qin Chu from her, then she would have to teach her a lesson.

After some thought, she decided to go up to the terrace. If she didn't go, then Zhao Qingya might continue to bug her.

- Five minutes later, on the rooftop of South Side -

Zhao Qingya's agent and bodyguard waited one floor down, while Zhao Qingya waited on the rooftop in a black tracksuit, a black baseball cap, and a white mask that covered her face.

Huo Mian wore her work uniform, the white lab coat...

"You're here." Zhao Qingya turned around when she heard the footsteps.

"I don't know why you wanted to see me. If it's business, then I suggest that you talk about it in my office. If it's private matters, then I don't think I know you well enough, so there's nothing private we need to talk about."

"My time is very precious, so I'm not going to go around in circles with you. I'll get straight to the point, when did you start seducing Young Master Su?'

"Young Master Su? You mean Su Yu?" Huo Mian slightly frowned.

"Don't play dumb with me." Zhao Qingya took off her mask and stared coldly at Huo Mian.

"There's nothing going on between me and Su Yu, so what do you mean by seduce? Have you been acting too much that your imagination has taken over, and you've begun hallucinating?" Huo Mian broke out into laughter.

Zhao Qingya's expression slightly changed, as her eyes grew angry, "Don't say stupid things like that to me. I saw your photo on Young Master Su's phone last night."

"My photo?" Huo Mian slightly froze.

"Yes, and he used it as his screen background, but now you're telling me that there's nothing between you guys? Are you kidding me? Or do you think I'm a f*cking idiot?" Zhao Qingya's face turned hideous when she swore, completely different from what people see on T.V.

If her fans saw her like this, they would definitely be frightened#

"That# are you sure you saw correctly?"

"Of course," replied Zhao Qingya.

Just like that, the smart Huo Mian fell silent as well#

Since when did Su Yu have a photo of her? She doesn't remember giving him one.

"Oh, I remember now, was it from the charity banquet...?" She thought it was that photo they took together.

However before she could finish, Zhao Qingya interrupted her#

"There's no need for you to explain that to me, I'm not interested in your life. I don't care about the banquet, I've come to see you this time to tell you to back down because you don't stand a chance. You and Young Master Su aren't compatible, you should really know yourself and your status better, and leave him alone, as soon as possible. There are tons of women around him, and each and every one of them is better than you, but they still haven't lasted very long. He only likes you for the time being, so you better stop before things end badly. I bet he gave you a lot of money and gifts already, so stop yourself before things get ugly."

"My gosh, then who are you to say these things to me, Miss Zhao? If I remembered correctly, Su Yu never recognized you as his girlfriend, and he never gave you a status of any kind. At most, you're a celebrity at his company. Yet, you came all the way here to lecture and threaten me? How ridiculous are you?"