Chapter 447: Pushing Your Luck (7)

Chapter 447: Pushing Your Luck (7)
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"What do you think happened? You're looking right at it," Su Yu responded proudly.

"Don't BS me, I asked what's with this photo? Wasn't there someone in the middle?"

"I cut him out, glued it back together, and then used photoshop."

"Hahaha, I always thought that you were a genius." Wei Liao only finished half of his sentence.

"And now?"

"Now I realize that you're a freaking genius. You must've been a tailor in your previous life, how could you think of this?" Wei Liao burst out laughing.

Su Yu proudly responded, "Only I am capable of coming up with such a great idea."

"Is it really good for you to dream like this? It still doesn't beat the real thing, you should still put in more effort, and sleep with the real thing one day."

"Go, go, go# that's too dirty, I can't talk to you. Go to sleep."

"Whoa, you're pretending to be all innocent with me, you're really like a puppy now#"

Su Yu seemed to have found the feeling he had at his first love; although his feelings for Huo Mian were not returned, he always acted mysteriously. Wei Liao was speechless.

It was already very late once Huo Mian and Qin Chu returned home.

The two showered and then got into bed. Huo Mian wore a white lace nightgown, and she lied in Qin Chu's arms as she played with her phone.

She was flipping through her WeChat friend circle when she noticed something sensitive.

Zhixin posted a picture of a restaurant specializing in spicy duck head at Wanda Square before noon, and Huang Yue also posted one at night.

That was fine; maybe they went by themselves, and it was just a coincidence, but Huo Mian had a feeling that they ate together.

Plus, Zhixin's recent posts in his WeChat friend circle were all clearly filled with happiness.

Huang Yue also seemed to be acting shy, like a little girl#

"This kid# really doesn't listen to me." Huo Mian sighed.

"What happened?" Qin Chu asked as he tilted his head.

Huo Mian told Qin Chu about Zhixin and Huang Yue#

Qin Chu didn't respond too dramatically after he heard everything, "It's very normal for young people to fall in love."

"That's fine, and I don't want to stop Zhixin from dating, it's just that he and Huang Yue are both innocent. If their relationship doesn't go well, and something bad happens, they'll both be heartbroken."

"I think you're overthinking it, it's normal to be hurt in love. Zhixin is a man; you can't always worry about him getting hurt. The more you care, the harder it is for him to become independent." Qin Chu voiced his opinion.

Maybe men and women thought differently. Huo Mian wanted to protect her brother and thought it was normal for her to be worried.

Qin Chu was also right; everyone dated, and it was perfectly normal for relationships to end up in a break up...

Plus, the two were still in their honeymoon phase and was nowhere near breaking up. Huo Mian was getting ahead of herself by overthinking it.

"You have a point#"

"So don't dwell on it, or else your little head might get tired from all that thinking."

Qin Chu adoringly flicked Huo Mian's forehead.

Huo Mian immediately closed her eyes. "Then let's go to sleep, I'm sleepy."

"You're going to sleep already? We still got things to do#"

"You're so perverted..." Huo Mian immediately covered her face with both her hands.

"Honey, I meant that we haven't said goodnight to each other before bed. What did you think I was referring to?"

"Uhm#" Huo Mian now felt terribly awkward, and she immediately pulled up the blanket, hiding inside.

Qin Chu also went under the covers...

"Ah# don't touch me, it tickles#" They began fooling around under the covers.

The next day, Huo Mian was working the night shift, so she went home in the morning and bought plenty of things.

Yang Meirong was still upset; she didn't talk to Huo Mian or help her with any of the stuff.

"Mom# take care of yourself, I'm leaving now," Huo Mian said as she left.

Yang Meirong still didn't say anything to her, but Huo Mian felt like what Zhixin said last time really worked, because her mom didn't chase her away and didn't threaten to disown her.

Around five or so at night, Huo Mian drove to South Side Recuperation Center, and after she ate the staff meal, she went into a meeting.

Just as she came out and was about to go on rounds, her phone began to ring.

"Am I talking to Huo Mian?"

"You are#?" Huo Mian was confused when she saw that it was an unfamiliar number.