Chapter 445: Pushing Your Luck (5)

Chapter 445: Pushing Your Luck (5)
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Su Yu lived in a well-known wealthy district, and those who didn't own property here wouldn't even be able to get in. However, Zhao Qingya was a celebrity and was once Su Yu's woman, so the guard naturally didn't stop her even when he saw her car. Huo Mian refused to accept the pink Lamborghini Su Yu gave her last time, so it ended up in Zhao Qingya's hands. Today, Zhao Qingya didn't bring her agent along.

Plus, she arrived in the middle of the night to wait for Su Yu; anyone would know what was going on in her head.

"I've been waiting for an hour."

Zhao Qingya could only wait outside the door because she didn't have the keys to the mansion. However, she knew that Su Yu wouldn't stay overnight anywhere else. Even when they were together, the two would get a hotel room, and then he would return to his own mansion afterward.

Su Yu bought this mansion for over fifty million yuan and then used another fifty million to decorate it luxuriously, so the cost was already over a hundred million. It once shocked all of the local wealthy people....

The private garden in the back was four hundred square meters, more than enough to demonstrate how luxurious this place was.

Ever since he came back from the army, Su Yu rarely went back to the Su family mansion, and he had become quite accustomed to living alone.

Zhao Qingya had been here quite a few times, but she had never stayed overnight. Su Yu seemed to be very much against letting women stay here overnight, since this was his real home.

"Come in." Su Yu pressed a remote control, along with his fingerprints and iris recognition, unlocking the layers of security within the mansion.

Zhao Qingya wore a white dress, making her look innocent and sweet. She followed behind him and quietly walked in.

"What do you want to drink?" Su Yu asked as he walked up to the fridge.


Su Yu took out a can of beer and a can of coke. He handed the coke to Zhao Qingya, and then he sat down on his sofa.

There was a central control system by the edge of the sofa, and he lightly pressed it to activate the air conditioning, T.V., air purifier, and luxurious fish tank night light inside the living room#

Suddenly, lights filled up the entire mansion...

Wei Liao had once said that Su Yu seemed like he wanted to turn his home into an aquarium.

The walls and ceiling in the living room were all made of tempered glass, and all sorts of tropical fishes were swimming around.

There were seaweed, a coral reef, and even white whales and sharks, but of course, they all lived in different areas of the house.

Last time, Wei Liao asked him jokingly if he wanted to get some penguins and polar bears too.

Su Yu replied in all seriousness that he'll take the time to consider it#

Wei Liao nearly spat out the food in his mouth#

With this sort of luxurious mansion, even if it weren't Su Yu, anyone who came back home to be surrounded by the sea would be very happy and relaxed.

"Why did you want to see me?' Su Yu apathetically asked as he sat on the sofa across from Zhao Qingya.

"Nothing, I'm just not feeling well recently, and I wanted to come and see you."

"You're not filming?" Su Yu asked indifferently.

"I didn't let my agent arrange much work for me recently, and my body isn't in such a great shape this year. Last time I fell from the suspension cord, I injured my hip, and a lot of fighting scenes were cut."

"Take a break if you're not feeling well. You should take some time off to rest, go abroad or something."

Zhao Qingya's eyes lit up, and she immediately asked, "President Su, are you free recently? Let's head to New Zealand for a few days, how's that?"

"I don't have much time, the company keeps me very busy." Su Yu immediately refused.

Zhao Qingya was slightly disappointed#

"Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?" Su Yu was already a bit dizzy from the alcohol and didn't have much patience to continue talking with Zhao Qingya. He wanted to go to bed.

Zhao Qingya slowly walked over after she heard his question, and she sat next to Su Yu. Her white hands slid down Su Yu's chest.

"President Su# I want to stay here with you tonight."

This was the first time Zhao Qingya seduced him this bluntly# In the past, she would always play a little bit of hard to get to lead Su Yu on.

Upon hearing what she said, Su Yu glanced at the woman beside him with narrowed eyes...