Chapter 444: Pushing Your Luck (4)

Chapter 444: Pushing Your Luck (4)
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Then the beauty stepped on one of the men's hands and slowly said, "Didn't you all want to know who I rely on? I'll tell you, I don't need to rely on a sugar daddy, because I can rely on my actual daddy. Having such a filthy mouth doesn't get you anywhere. Don't let me see your face again, or else I'll have you beaten up every time I see you."

After the beautiful woman spoke, she turned around to leave with her group# and didn't even eat the hot pot.

The restaurant owner was so scared that he didn't dare to stop them#

Someone even called the cops, but after they arrived, the police only asked procedural questions.

"Were you scared?" Qin Chu asked as he hugged Huo Mian.

"No, it's pretty satisfying, after everything they said, they had it coming. It's disgusting for those men to gossip like that, and even insult that poor girl. It's good that they were beaten up." Huo Mian smiled.

"Let's go. Let's go to another restaurant."

Before the two even had a few bites, this incident happened, and so they couldn't eat here anymore#

They passed by a McDonald's on the way back, and Huo Mian said that it's been a while since she last had a hamburger, so the two went inside for fast food.

- Inside some high-end club -

Su Yu felt very upset, and after two bottles of liquor, he became tipsy...

"Stop drinking, you've already drank more than enough." Wei Liao tried to convince him as he looked at the empty bottles.

Su Yu didn't say anything, but his expression was quite melancholic#

He took out his phone and flipped through Weibo, but Huo Mian hadn't updated in quite a while.

He wanted to talk to her, but he didn't know how to contact her. Even though he had her number, he couldn't bring himself to call.

Su Yu still had a lot of dignity, and it wouldn't be okay for him to cling onto her. It wasn't his style...

"Wei, do you think that I still have a chance?" Su Yu asked as he sighed.

"You want me to tell you the truth or lie?"

"The truth of course." Su Yu rolled his eyes.

"From your current scenario, I think there's a very small and unlikely chance you that would get her. Besides, you met Huo Mian not too long ago, but I heard that Qin Chu has known her for many years, and they were high school classmates, they are childhood sweethearts#"

"Then you might as well lie to me." Su Yu immediately changed his mind.

"Uhm# the lie is, if you're really shameless, then it shouldn't be impossible. Even though being the third wheel is shameful, there's nothing immoral with true love, haha."

Why did Su Yu feel more melancholic after hearing this?

Was he really going to be the third man? After all, he was the Su family's legitimate heir.

"You could always wait around, until# Huo Mian gets divorced." Wei Liao added.

"What if she never gets divorced? Am I supposed to be a monk then?" Su Yu retorted upsettingly.

"Then if she doesn't get a divorce, you'll have to think of a way to get her to divorce#"

Su Yu, "I can't believe you would say that, you're pushing your luck."

"Haha, but the important thing is that I've spoken the truth," laughed Wei Liao teasingly.

A short moment later, he held up an empty wine bottle, and heavily tossed it onto the floor

With a 'smash', the bottle broke. The sudden movement scared everyone in the room, as all their movements came to a halt.

"What's wrong with Young Master Su?" asked a few wealthy heirs.

Su Yu slowly got up, and forcefully tore at his tie, "I f*cking hate childhood sweethearts."

After he spoke, he slammed the door and left#

To Su Yu, God was being really unfair. Why didn't he meet Huo Mian first? Why did it have to be Qin Chu?

Why wasn't Huo Mian his high school classmate?

The issue was, Su Yu went to the army before he could even attend high school, and he basically missed out on those years.

Su Yu stepped into his black Sixth Element Lamborghini and sped away...

The black Lamborghini sped through the night like the wind, loud enough to wake the dead...

Su Yu was a racer who was skilled in stunt performances as well as techniques.

It took him no more than eight minutes to speed from the club to his private mansion, and probably no one else other than him could've done this.

After he stepped out, he saw a small figure that stood by the door#

After he saw who the person was, he slightly frowned, "Why are you here?"