Chapter 441: Pushing Your Luck (1)

Chapter 441: Pushing Your Luck (1)
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"Oh you already had enough? What would happen if their PDAs gets even more intense later on? I told you not to come, but you were the one who insisted on coming. You're basically spending money to be tortured," Wei Liao mumbled.

Many rich and famous people were invited to GK's charity dinner. Whether you received an invitation depended on how successful you were.

The point of this dinner was obvious 每 GK auctioned things, and you pay for them in the name of charity.

The reason why so many people were willing to attend was so that they could suck up to GK and its new president, in hope of future collaborations.

Su Yu, on the other hand, didn't have to come at all. He was in the entertainment industry, and GK had yet to invest in this area.

He came because the name of GK's foundation was the 'Mian Foundation'.

Su Yu knew that it was named after Huo Mian, so he had to come, and he dragged Wei Liao along with him.

"You can start now," Qin Chu ordered.

Then, the MC walked to the center of the stage and began his opening remarks#

"The first item we have is a white sandalwood fan from the early Qing period. It's a part of GK's Chairman's collection. We'll be starting the bid at 300,000 yuan."

"300,000 yuan."

"350,000 yuan#"

"450,000 yuan#"

The rich businessmen began bidding against each other; in the end, the sandalwood fan was sold for a sky-high price of 600,000 yuan.

Huo Mian looked from below the stage; she was happy because she knew that all the funds they collected tonight would go to the Mian Foundation.

Then, the money would be used to build schools and provide food for the children living in the poverty-stricken Yunding Mountain area.

An hour had passed, and the items were slowly auctioned off.

"Are you hungry?" Qin Chu whispered by her ear.

"A little."

"It'll just be a while longer, we'll go get dinner once this is over."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded.

Their fingers interlocked as they sat in the front row and watched the auction go on.

Finally, the MC announced, "Now, I would like to show everyone here our last item up for bid. It is GK's newest line of jewelry, co-designed by the company's seven renowned designers. Its name is 'Prosperous Adolescence'.

Then, the MC began introducing the composition, style, and design concept of the jewelry on the overhead projector.

Huo Mian didn't realize that the jewels she was wearing were worth as much as 5 million yuan until she heard the MC's introduction.

In the end, the MC announced, "Now, let's welcome Miss Huo onto the stage to showcase this set of jewelry."

"Go on, don't be nervous," Qin Chu consoled.

Huo Mian nodded; then, she got up to slowly walk onto the stage, standing right under the spotlight.

On her face was a warm, sweet smile. She looked beautiful.

Su Yu couldn't take his eyes off of her #

"Hey, stop staring at her, your eyes might get stuck if you stare for too long," Wei Liao joked.

"The starting price of 'Prosperous Youth' will be 5 million yuan. Any takers?"

"5 million," someone shouted.

"6.8 million."

"8.8 million."

"10.5 million."

This was a limited edition set that GK only produced one of. Therefore, many wealthy men wanted to buy it, either for their wife, their daughter, or their lover.

Anyways, the auction went off with a great start, and the price climbed very steeply, and very fast.

"18 million." Qin Chu raised his card. Did he actually want to spend that much money to buy it for himself? Nope, he just wanted to raise the price, and gather more funds for the Mian Foundation.

After Qin Chu entered the bid, the competition grew even fiercer.

"19.9 million." Someone raised their card.

"30 million." This time, Qin Chu increased the number by another 10 million.

The others fell silent# 30 million was too much for them.

"30 million once#"

"30 million twice#"

"30 million#" Before the MC could finish speaking, a low voice sounded from the seats towards the end of the room. "50 million."

The crowd went wild upon hearing this number.

Huo Mian was also slightly surprised. She stood in the middle of the stage and tried to see who the person holding up their card was.

It was# Su Yu.