Chapter 439: Please Call Me “Mrs. Qin” (9)

Chapter 439: Please Call Me "Mrs. Qin" (9)
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"I just came back from a business trip to Japan and brought you two bags." Then, Huo Siqian walked up and put two giant shopping bags on Huo Mian's desk. The brand, Hermes, was printed on the shopping bags.

Huo Mian knew that this was an expensive luxury brand#

Qin Chu had bought her a bunch but they were all sitting in her wardrobe. She didn't use them because they were too flashy.

"No thanks."

"Don't overthink it, I didn't buy it just for you. I bought some for the women that I'm dating and had a few left over. I bought these on sale, too. If you don't like them, you can give it to other people or throw it away. Whatever you want." Then, Huo Siqian turned around to leave.

"Hey#" He left before she could say anything#

Huo Mian looked hopelessly at the two luxury bags in the shopping bags#

Was Huo Siqian out of his mind? Why would he buy her bags? Even if he didn't buy them especially for her, they weren't close enough for him to give her expensive bags.

However, ever since she found out that she wasn't actually Huo Zhenghai's daughter, Huo Mian realized that she no longer despised Huo Siqian as much as she used to.

She wasn't even from the Huo Family; therefore, she had to talk to Huo Siqian about resigning from being the chairman of the Huo Foundation.

After all, she didn't want to take advantage of them#

If her last name wasn't Huo, then what was it? Huo Mian was quite curious.

After work, she remembered what Qin Chu told her in the morning and drove straight to GK.

To ensure that she arrived on the top floor without a hitch, Yang came downstairs to greet her#

"Young Madame Qin." Yang quickly said hello.

Huo Mian smiled, and she followed Yang up to the top floor.

Qin Chu was still in the conference room; Yang poured Huo Mian a cup of coffee and said, "Young Madame Qin, please have some coffee first. The stylists will be here shortly. The president said for you to get ready here, and you guys will be heading directly to the hotel later."

"Okay, thanks for your hard work."

"No, not at all, ha, I actually have to thank you. If it weren't for you, the president would have deducted my salary." Yang liked the president's wife; she wasn't haughty and was easy to get along with.

Three minutes later, two women came in 每 they were the stylists.

40 minutes later, when Qin Chu came out from the conference room and into his office, he was completely stunned by Huo Mian, who was completely dressed up.

She was wearing an eggshell-yellow, V-neck ball gown with diamonds around the collar. The ballgown was long, but there was a slit down one side, showing her leg. It was sexy and elegant.

Her hair was put up in a bun, with a fresh gardenia pinned to one side, making her seem like a fairy that had descended from the heavens.

On her feet were a pair of white high heels with diamonds lining the back. It was extremely extravagant.

On her neck, ears, and wrist were luxurious jewels; Huo Mian didn't like them because she thought they were overly lavish.

However, one of the stylists said that this was GK's newest line of jewelry, and if she wore it, it would be like promoting their own brand.

Therefore, in the end, Huo Mian agreed to wear them#

She was holding a rectangle purse with white tassels. It was a Chanel limited edition, simple but classic.

Huo Mian glanced at her attire 每 it cost at least a couple hundred thousand yuan.

To begin with, there were diamonds everywhere. Her estimate was probably too conservative.

The truth was, her outfit and accessories were worth more than 8 million because the set of jewels she was wearing alone cost 5 million.

When Qin Chu came in, Huo Mian was standing by the window, looking down at the streets below her. When she heard footsteps, she turned around to face him.

His heart almost stopped#

Today, he finally understood the meaning of a verse from a famous poem 每'turning her head, she smiled so sweet and was full of grace, that she outshone the six palaces of beauty.'

In Qin Chu's eyes, Huo Mian was the most beautiful woman in this whole wide world#

"Hey, pretty lady, have you seen my wife, Huo Mian?" Qin Chu asked with a smile on his face.