Chapter 388: A Mini Honey Moon (10)

Chapter 388: A Mini Honey Moon (10)
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Huo Mian slowly opened her eyes when she heard what he said, and her eyes met with Qin Chu's with great sentiment#

"Sheesh, here we go again, they're going to show off their love again. Petty Ling, let's get away from them." Gao Ran grabbed Zhu Lingling's hand to step back, just as he finished speaking. He wanted to give Qin Chu and Huo Mian some space.

"Hey, let go of me! Don't touch me, you filthy cop!" Zhu Lingling clearly wasn't done making her wish yet, so naturally, she was upset when Gao Ran pulled her.

"What did you wish for?" Qin Chu walked over and wrapped an arm around Huo Mian's shoulder.

"It's a secret."

"Tell me, maybe I can help you make it come true."

"It wouldn't be a wish if it's easily fulfilled." Huo Mian smiled mysteriously.

"Yeah, my wife is always right."

The four were having a great time in the hotel garden, and the light d谷cor on the streets before the hotel were all quite unique.

They were like rays of rainbows, which seemed very breathtaking, as seven colors interchanged nonstop#

"Since it's so nice today, why don't we play a game?" Zhu Lingling proposed.

"Sure, what are we playing?" Asked Huo Mian as she laughed.

"Let's count the words 'Ping-Pong ball', whoever gets it wrong has to jump into that fountain. Are you guys up for it?"

Gao Ran said with great excitement, as he pointed to the pond before them, which was no more than half a meter deep.

"Sure." Qin Chu nodded.

"I'm in as well." Huo Mian nodded.

"I'm don't mind either, let's play. I'm not scared of you." Zhu Lingling raised her chin and seemed defiant.

"Then I'll start first."

Gao Ran immediately said, "Ping".

Qin Chu, "Pong."

Huo Mian, "Ball."

Zhu Lingling, "Ball."

"You should say 'Ping', I just said 'Ball'." Huo Mian looked at Zhu Lingling hopelessly.

Zhu Lingling had always had the slowest reaction out of the four of them, each and every time they played word games.

This was true seven years ago and still remained true seven years later#

"I made a mistake, this turn doesn't count. Let's do another round." Zhu Lingling denied it.

"That's cheating, look, you should hop into the pond, or else everyone will think it's unfair," Huo Mian said on purpose.

"That's right. If everyone says it doesn't count when they lose, then what's the point?" Qin Chu followed suit.

"You two are really trying to send me into the water#" Zhu Lingling gritted her teeth from anger.

Just as she held up her dress and prepared to jump into the pond, Gao Ran suddenly said, "Wait, let me jump in for you. Your dress isn't so convenient, it would be terrible if you trip and drown."

"What? Do you know how to talk? You're the one that will drown#" Zhu Lingling rolled her eyes from the same anger.

Just then, Gao Ran bravely jumped into the pond with a 'psshhhh' sound and water splashed out.

Huo Mian suddenly clapped and shouted, "How manly!"

"Of course# I didn't learn anything else at the police academy, all we learned was how to torture ourselves," Gao Ran replied as he wiped the water off his face.

Truth be told, Zhu Lingling was quite moved when Gao Ran jumped in for her.

Even though it was only a game, she was still surprised by what he did.

"What a hero you are for saving the damsel in distress. I give you nine points out of ten, and the last point is reserved so that you don't get too proud," Qin Chu said as he looked at Gao Ran.

The four played four rounds, and Zhu Lingling lost three rounds, but luckily Gao Ran helped her out, so he was the one that was completely soaked in the end.

As the four tiredly walked back into the hotel and headed back to their rooms, Huo Mian suddenly whispered a question into Qin Chu's ear, "Mr. Qin, I want to know, how many rooms did you get for those two today?"

"Guess." Qin Chu slightly raised the corners of his lips.