Chapter 387: A Mini Honey Moon (9)

Chapter 387: A Mini Honey Moon (9)
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Qin Chu led the three of them down to the second floor in the elevator, and they arrived inside the Noble Orchid Banquet Hall.

The second the door was pushed open, Huo Mian felt her eyes pierced by bright lights.

It was so bright that she could barely open her eyes#

"President Qin#" Many came over to say hi.

In the three or four hundred square meters was a western-style banquet, and it was packed with plenty of people.

"President Qin, you're here! We're ready," the manager of the hotel carefully said as he walked over.

Qin Chu nodded and tilted his head to say to Huo Mian, "Wait for me."


Then the hotel manager led Qin Chu onto the stage...

"Let us welcome the president of our corporation, Mr. Qin, to say a few words."

Then, clapping sounds shook the space#

"Don't you see a halo above your man's head right now?" asked Zhu Lingling as she smiled.

"What? You think he's Cupid? With his own halo?" Huo Mian couldn't hold in her laughter.

Just then, Huo Mian, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling stood beneath the stage and looked at Qin Chu speak with a halo.

He paid a few procedural thanks, and finally, he said, "Ever since I took on this vacation village, I did a lot of research, and realized that the financial situation of these mountainous regions is quite dire due to the lack of transportation. Many children don't even have the money to finish elementary school, and I'm truly shocked by this. My wife works in the medical field and has a genuinely kind heart. I believe she shares my values and is willing to help those that need it. So today, I would like to announce the establishment of the Mian Angel Children's Foundation, named after my wife. It will help the children living in Yunding Mountain who didn't have the chance to attend school to re-establish their academics. Thank you, everyone."

After Qin Chu spoke, claps shook the space#

Meanwhile, Huo Mian's eyes were filled with tears#

She was truly shocked by Qin Chu's secret#.

"Mian Foundation? Whoa, your husband really loves you." Even Zhu Lingling felt moved.

Huo Mian didn't make a sound as she bit into her lips...

When Qin Chu walked down from the stage#

Their eyes made contact, and this exchange of glances was worth more than tens of thousands of words#

"My beautiful wife, may I please have this dance?"

Qin Chu held out his hand like a gentleman as an invitation#

Huo Mian handed her pearly white hand to him, with tears in her eyes, and the two walked over to the dance floor#

Along with the music, they danced to the banquet's first waltz#

Speaking of the waltz, Huo Mian wasn't familiar with it since she didn't have any money to take classes, but she did learn a little bit back when they were in school.

The two of them would go skating together, and while they skated, Qin Chu would teach her the waltz on ice.

Seven years later, Huo Mian still danced so well, surprising even Zhu Lingling.

"My gosh, when did this lady learn how to waltz? Even her dance steps are so up to standard."

Gao Ran raised his thumb, looked at Qin Chu, and praised, "That Qin Chu always look like a quiet and reserved guy, but who knew he would be so good at picking up girls?"

The banquet was quite lively, as some local government officials and executives came as well, and many local entrepreneurs also received invitations.

Amongst this liveliness, Huo Mian never realized that she would be in such a high-profile setting.

Luckily, this was Yunding Mountain and not C City, so it wouldn't end up on the papers, or be spread around. Most importantly, her mother wouldn't know.

After they hung around the banquet, the four escaped from the scene together...

They ran outside the hotel to the field of grass for a breath of fresh air.

The stars in the sky were always so bright, and it was especially nice to look at the stars from this latitude.

Suddenly, a shooting star passed by#

"Look, a shooting star!" After she spoke, Zhu Lingling immediately closed her eyes to make a wish.

Then, Huo Mian and Gao Ran both closed their eyes and made their wishes.

"Qin Chu, why aren't you making a wish?" Gao Ran opened his eyes after quite a while and saw that Qin Chu was just standing around, looking dumb.

"My wish# was already fulfilled a little over four months ago," Qin Chu said as he gently looked at the side of Huo Mian's face.