Chapter 386: A Mini Honey Moon (8)

Chapter 386: A Mini Honey Moon (8)
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"You two# How dare you surprise me with Qin Chu, do you still want to live? Huh? Take them out and behead them," Huo Mian joked.

Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran both stood up...

Zhu Lingling was in a sexy maroon evening gown, with one of her shoulders exposed.

Gao Ran was in a navy blue suit, elegant yet luxurious. This formal getup was super out of the ordinary.

"Spare me, Queen Huo. It's your husband who told me not to tell you because he wanted to give you a surprise."

"I am surprised, so# did you guys make up?"

Gao Ran was silent...

Zhu Lingling said, "Uh#"

Huo Mian pointed at Zhu Lingling again, "You're not mad at him anymore? Have you dragged him out of your blacklist?"

"Seeing how generous Mr. Qin is, treating us to free food and a presidential suite, I'll drag him out."

"Tsk, tsk# Your integrity is all over the floor#" Huo Mian softly chuckled.

"Why do I need integrity? I can't eat integrity, but I can eat free food and enjoy myself without spending money."

"That's right, I'm not letting the free food go to waste." Gao Ran backed her up.

"It's like you came to try and eat each other#" Qin Chu lamented.

"Eh, how could us? President Qin, come and sit." Gao Ran pulled out a chair and called at Qin Chu.

The four sat opposite from each other...

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu, "If I knew that they were coming, I wouldn't have dressed so formally."

"Don't be in such a hurry, you'll see soon enough." Qin Chu gave her a mysterious smile.

"What's going on? Is Gao Ran going to ask Lingling out?" carelessly, Huo Mian asked.

"Ahem#" taken by surprise, Gao Ran coughed.

Zhu Lingling's face, on the other hand, was covered with awkwardness...

"Is this event planned?" jokingly, Qin Chu asked Gao Ran.

Gao Ran waved his hands, "No, definitely not."

"Alright, let's eat first."

Qin Chu waved his hands, and the servers began bringing food to their table...

In the middle of the table was a huge steel pan. It was still hot with a fire burning beneath it.

"Stove-roasted fish?" looking at the fish, Huo Mian curiously asked.

"It doesn't look like it#" Zhu Lingling shook her head.

"This is a special recipe, the fish was caught in Yunding River and is very fresh. This species of fish is quite rare and can only be found in this area. It is very savory and has already been simmered for three hours with some local seasoning. It's a dish that locals always prepare during the new year," unlike his usual silent self, Qin Chu explained.

"It looks appetizing." With his chopsticks in hand, Gao Ran couldn't wait to try it.

Then, the servers brought up some local vegetables and fruits one by one.

Although there were only four people, the table was filled with food...

It was a feast of land and sea delicacies...

When Qin Chu called Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling and invited them here, they agreed without thinking. However, Qin Chu said that he had one request.

The request was that the two must come together and that Gao Ran must drive Zhu Lingling here in his car.

Otherwise, neither of them could come. So, losing all dignity in the face of food, drinks, and fun, the two miraculously made up.

During dinner, Qin Chu was busy putting food in Huo Mian plate. "Try this, it's local wild vegetables."


"Oh my god, can you two stop bullying us single people? Turn down your PDA, it's annoying." Gao Ran was green with jealousy.

"Showing PDA is a sin." Zhu Lingling joined in.

Huo Mian raised her head and slowly said, "People who eat free food shouldn't cause a scene. Just eat your food in peace."

"No wonder she's the Young Mistress, even her tone is so arrogant."

Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran jested...

Everytime the four ate together, they would turn the earth with their fighting.

Even Qin Chu was more talkative than usual...

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood...

An hour later, Qin Chu looked at his watch and said, "It's almost time. Let's go, guys."

"Where are we going? Is there something planned?" Gao Ran rose up with a smile on his face and asked.

"You'll know when you get there." Qin Chu didn't want to say anything else.

Huo Mian had a feeling that Qin Chu was acting weird, not willing to reveal anything as if he had some secret to hide.