Chapter 385: A Mini Honey Moon (7)

Chapter 385: A Mini Honey Moon (7)
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Inside the forty-five degrees celsius natural spring...

There were only the two of them silently embracing each other and kissing...

Occasionally, blankets of snowflakes fluttered down from the mountain...

Huo Mian knew she would never forget such a tender moment as long as she lived...

She believed that even years later, she would still tear up upon thinking about this occasion.

Qin Chu had put in so much thought and effort to make a sentence she said as a young girl come true.

It was seven years ago...

The two went to a ski resort together, and Huo Mian had said, "It would be great if we have our own resort in the future with snow as it's theme. It'll have hot springs, a skating rink, and when we're in the hot spring, it would be snowing. Wow, I'm dying from just thinking about how fun that would be. It's so romantic just thinking about it."

"That day will come." Back then, Qin Chu only casually said those words.

Huo Mian didn't take it to her heart. Seven years had passed, and she had forgotten that they once had this conversation.

As for Qin Chu, he went to painstaking lengths to fulfill something that she couldn't even remember...

After a long time, Qin Chu unwillingly let go of Huo Mian...

Then, the two clinked their glasses together and sipped red wine...

At dinner time, the manager of the hot springs carefully walked out and reminded them, "President Qin, Young Mistress, dinner is ready for you. Please move to the fifteenth floor."

Qin Chu nodded and pulled Huo Mian out of the hot springs by her hand, draping a white towel around her.

After they changed into evening wear, the two returned to the hotel.

Qin Chu's employees were very reliable. As soon as they heard that the President and the Young Mistress were dining, they began preparing.

The outfits that they wore all fit the style of a dinner banquet. Qin Chu was wearing an all-black suit; the slim fit made him stylish.

Huo Mian was wearing a white strapless evening gown with an elegant blooming peony by her collar bones, perfectly covering her chest. (TL Note: Peony sounds like p on me, hehe)

Paired with a pair of white heels, her temperament was through the roof...

After changing in her suite, Huo Mian slowly walked out. She rarely wore heels and was afraid of falling.

As soon as Qin Chu saw Huo Mian, his eyes showed his amazement...

He always knew that when his Mian dressed up, her aura became extremely strong.

"We're just eating, do I have to dress up so formally?" Huo Mian was a little embarrassed.

She wasn't used to this type of dress up and felt the inability to be herself.

"Let's go, we have guests to see in a bit."

"Guests?" Huo Mian was confused. They were dressed so formally, who could it be?

Huo Mian felt slightly unsettled after remembering something...

"Qin Chu# Listen to me, I'm not ready yet...:"

"I know what you're worrying about, rest assured, I'm not taking you to meet my parents." Qin Chu carefully patted Huo Mian's hands and comforted her.

Seeing Qin Chu settling her nerves with one sentence, Huo Mian lowered her head and did not say anything...

She didn't care who it was as long as it wasn't Qin Chu's parents, because she knew that she wouldn't be able to sit through an enjoyable dinner with her in-laws.

When Qin Chu and Huo Mian walked by, many female employees whispered.

"President Qin is so handsome# God, he's much hotter in person than in pictures. He looks like a superstar."

"Yeah, he looks young too, he's probably not even thirty."

"Young Mistress looks alright, she's not that stunning. I don't know how she managed to capture the president's heart."

"That's right, the president's so perfect and a little wasted marrying Young Mistress."

Although their voices were low, Huo Mian occasionally heard the complaints...

She couldn't resist a quick chuckle as she tightened her grasp around Qin Chu's arm.

- Inside the Chinese restaurant on the fifteenth floor -

When Qin Chu and Huo Mian walked in, there were already people waiting there.

Huo Mian's eyes filled with surprise when she saw who they were.