Chapter 384: A Mini Honey Moon (6)

Chapter 384: A Mini Honey Moon (6)
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"I don't need one, thanks."

"I am not joking, I am being serious," Su Yu insisted.

"I'm not joking, I am being serious too. I really don't need one."

"Are you working right now?"


"At home?"


"Where are you then?" Su Yu sent an eye-roll emoji.

"I'm vacationing."

"By yourself?"

"No." She wanted to say that she was with her husband, but Huo Mian didn't want him to think that she was showing off.

However, Su Yu immediately guessed who she was with, fell silent, and stopped replying.

Using Weibo's private message feature was the only way he could contact Huo Mian. To prevent fans from finding out, he couldn't even comment.

He could only send her private messages, which pissed him off...

The main thing was that Huo Mian rarely used Weibo, only logging on when she remembered to. So, she spent very little time online.

Poor Su Yu had Weibo open twenty-four hours a day and only closely followed Huo Mian's notifications. As soon as she updated her Weibo, he would immediately talk to her.

Simply, his method was quite childish...

After Qin Chu finished his meeting, he came straight downstairs to look for Huo Mian. The two held hands and walked around in the garden in front of the hotel.

Listening to the bird chirps all around, their moods were especially pleasant...

"Did you notice that the sky is bluer here than it is where we live?" raising her head to look at the sky, Huo Mian said.

She felt like the clouds were like white cotton candy floating in the crystal blue sky.

"The ecology is untouched here, there's no exhaust, no heavy construction, and no factories. In turn, there's no smog."

"That's great, this is the kind of place that's actually fit for living. The concrete and steel feel like a cage. Honey, can we live out our retirement here?"

"Okay, we'll go wherever you want to go." Qin Chu dotingly looked at her.

"You seem busy lately."

"Mhm, a little. The company is hosting a thirtieth-anniversary celebration soon."

"Why did you take me out then?" Huo Mian was shocked.

"I'm taking a break while busy, right? Also, in a few days, I might not be able to take care of you while busy. So, I wanted to bring you here now to take your mind off of things. In an environment like South Side, you only get to interact with patients. Depression is inevitable if you work there for too long."

"That's true, all day, they complain about how much pain they're in. I hear them complain so often that I feel like I can literally feel their pain."

Huo Mian covered her mouth and smiled...

Before dinner at dusk, Huo Mian and Qin Chu went to a hot spring closeby under the arrangements of the hotel.

It was a natural spring; Huo Mian really liked it because it was formed completely naturally and hadn't been tampered by humans.

Above the hot spring was the Yunding Mountain range. It was very romantic# The hot spring was warm, and snowflakes occasionally fluttered down from the mountain.

A spectacle of Yunding Mountain was that the peak of the mountain was covered with snow all year round. It never melted.

So, many tourists from the south would shriek in surprise when they visited, as they had never seen snow in their lives.

It was too beautiful, almost like a fantasy kingdom made of snow...

"Mr. Qin, thank you for taking me to such a great place, treating me to delicious food, and letting me see such breathtaking views." In the hot spring, Huo Mian raised up a small wine glass and smiled.

"Goddess Huo, thank you for coming back to me and being with me night and day, walking with my hand in yours through thick and thin. Thank you for leaving the lights on for me when I get home late." Qin Chu raised his cup as well.

"Do you think it's good for us to be so sentimental?" Huo Mian softly laughed.

Qin Chu didn't reply, but he scooted closer with his wine glass and kissed Huo Mian's rosy lips from the side, catching her off guard.

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