Chapter 380: A Mini Honey Moon (2)

Chapter 380: A Mini Honey Moon (2)
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"Yeah, you're right, I'll go to Jing City. I can't overthink this without knowing all the facts."

Just now, she was so nervous that she lost her ability to think. Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Wu Xiaoxue somewhat calmed down.

"For now, you will receive one injection a day to keep her safe. Watch what you eat, and# take a few days off from work and make sure that nothing happens to the fetus. Then, once you regain energy, go straight to Jing City, okay?"

"Okay." Wu Xiaoxue agreed with Huo Mian's suggestions, so she nodded.

It was already half past midnight when they finished the series of examinations, Huo Mian drove Wu Xiaoxue home before heading home herself.

It was already close to 1 AM when she arrived home. She dragged her exhausted body into the bathroom and took a hot shower.

When she came out from the bathroom, she saw that Wu Xiaoxue had sent a text to her.

"Thank you, Huo Mian, I'm glad you were here with me tonight."

Huo Mian smiled but didn't reply; it was late, and she didn't want to disturb Wu Xiaoxue.

To save face, Wu Xiaoxue didn't want her colleagues to know and refused to go to the First Hospital. The truth was, Huo Mian understood why she did that. After all, Wu Xiaoxue was an incredibly proud individual#

At 1:30 AM, just as Huo Mian got ready for bed, she heard the sound of keys turning.

She immediately jumped up and hid behind the bedroom door, ready to scare Qin Chu.

After a while, Qin Chu came straight upstairs and went into their bedroom.

"HI!" Huo Mian suddenly jumped out and hugged Qin Chu from behind.

However, Mr. Qin did not react at all#

He turned around and hugged Huo Mian. Then, he picked her up and spun her around#

"Why weren't you scared?" Huo Mian puckered her lips and asked.

"I knew you were at home. I saw the shoes you wore this morning downstairs and noticed that the lights in the bedroom were still on."

"Okay fine, Mr. Chulock Holmes, you're the best at detective work, okay? This is no fun at all."

Qin Chu was so smart that she couldn't even surprise him#

"Why aren't you asleep yet?" Qin Chu was surprised that Huo Mian wasn't already in dreamland.

"I just came back from the hospital."

"Don't you have the day off today? Why were you at the hospital?" Qin Chu was more aware of Huo Mian's work schedule than Huo Mian herself.

Then, Huo Mian told Qin Chu everything that happened with Wu Xiaoxue.

"So# you're telling me that you took Ning Zhiyuan's wife to the hospital?"

"Ahem# I didn't help her just because she's Ning Zhiyuan's wife, I #"

Nervous, Huo Mian tried to explain, but Qin Chu smiled and patted her on the head, "I know, I'm just kidding."

"Did you just come back from out of town?"


"Go take a shower and let's go to bed. You must be exhausted."

Truth be told, Huo Mian hated seeing Qin Chu waking up so early and sleeping so late like this.

"It's okay, I still have one more video conference left. You should sleep first."

Then, he lightly kissed Huo Mian on the forehead and walked into the study. He turned on his laptop.

Huo Mian caringly made him a cup of hot coffee and gently closed the door behind her as she left#

- The next morning -

By the time Huo Mian woke up, Qin Chu had already made breakfast.

After washing up, she sat before the dining table. Before she could say anything, Qin Chu said, "Don't go to work today, I requested a three-day vacation for you."

"Um# why?" Huo Mian was surprised.

"Because starting today, we are going on a mini makeup honeymoon."

"Honeymoon?" Huo Mian was completely dumbfounded.