Chapter 377: I Hate How Rational You Are (9)

Chapter 377: I Hate How Rational You Are (9)
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"Hi." Huo Mian's sounded distant, as if she were greeting a stranger.

"Why are you here? Aren't you working at South Side?"

"Oh, I had today off, so I came to visit."

"How are you doing over there?"

"Pretty good."

"I heard that you were promoted to the chairman of the Huo Foundation, I envy you."

"There's nothing to be envious about, I'm still a regular employee. It's just a title."

"You're really good at your job, I believe that you can become an outstanding doctor one day." Ning Zhiyuan knew that back in university, Huo Mian's dream was to become a doctor, not a nurse.

"Don't kid me, I'm happy being a head nurse, I don't want to become a doctor. Anyways, I have to go and run some errands now."

"Wait, Mian." Ning Zhiyuan was obviously not ready to let Huo Mian go just yet.

"Is there anything else, Doctor Ning?"

"My parents came to visit a few days ago. They brought me some farm-grown eggs and told me to give you half. I don't have the chance to see you, so why don't you give me an address? I'll mail it to you later."

"No, thanks. Eggs are fragile and will break easily if you mail them. Dr. Wu is pregnant, you should save those for her. Please thank Aunt and Uncle Ning for their kindness, will you?"

Huo Mian nodded at him with a smile on her face; then, she turned on her heels and left#

To her, Ning Zhiyuan was no more than a stranger. She felt nothing when she saw him.

Therefore, what Ning Zhiyuan said before was right 每 Huo Mian never loved him.

If she did, she would not be able to be so cool about it.

After she left the hospital, she didn't have anything else to do, so she decided to head to Zhixin's university.

However, Zhixin was hiking with some classmates and wasn't at school.

On her way back, Zhu Lingling called#

While they chit-chatted, Huo Mian told her everything that happened at the First Hospital.

"Ning Zhiyuan probably envies you to death for living happily ever after since your breakup. You should stay away from him."

"Would he? We broke up peacefully. Isn't there an internet lingo that goes - 'If my ex is doing well, then I should be happy'. Isn't that the case?"

"Wrong, that phrase is so old, girl. Right now, it's 'if my ex is doing well, then I should ruin it'."

Huo Mian was speechless. "Fine, you win."

Huo Mian was shocked by how up-to-date Zhu Lingling was with her lingo.

"So, if Ning Zhiyuan finds out that you're married to a rich, powerful, and handsome husband, he's going to eat his heart out. He might even do stuff behind your back. You need to consider this possibility."

"Wrong, it's not that I didn't consider this possibility, I just don't want to think the worst of people." Huo Mian explained with a smile.

"Oh right, did you unblock Gao Ran?"


"Haha, I applaud you for your stubbornness."

"I'm too busy to deal with that stupid cop, just let him rest in peace in my blocked list," Zhu Lingling said arrogantly.

- That night, at a club in the city -

Ning Zhiyuan went straight to the bar after work instead of going home. Ever since Wu Xiaoxue and he separated, he's gotten used to that life. Even if he went home, he'll have to look at her icy expression. What was the point?

He Man immediately went up to Ning Zhiyuan when she saw him, "You're here early today, doctor."

"I got off work early."

"Come on, let's go dance." Before Ning Zhiyuan had the chance to reply, He Man grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor.

The shining lights, the loud music# Ning Zhiyuan suddenly realized how much he liked this drunken lifestyle.

Qin Chu went back to the manor for dinner, so Huo Mian, bored, put on a mask and watched TV.

Her phone suddenly began to ring#


"Huo Mian, this is Wu Xiaoxue, can you come over to my place? I'm# not feeling well." Wu Xiaoxue's voice sounded weak.