Chapter 376: I Hate How Rational You Are (8)

Chapter 376: I Hate How Rational You Are (8)
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"I don't want to sleep in separate rooms either, but I can't stand what he's doing to me. Did you know that he still hangs out with He Man and is cheating on me with her? There's also an intern nurse in the Ophthalmology Department that he's been flirting with. Everyone knew about it except for me. How stupid am I?"

"Um# are you sure it's true? Are there any misunderstandings?" Huo Mian tried not to think worse of others.

"I hired a detective; he doesn't know that I know, and I don't want to expose him yet. I'm pregnant right now so I can't get divorced anyway. Once I have this baby, I'm going to sue for divorce and submit all my evidence to the judge. By then, Ning Zhiyuan will have no choice but to leave empty-handed. I hope he'll just get lost," Wu Xiaoxue spat, her eyes red with tears and fury.

Huo Mian could tell that she was angry and agitated#

"Calm down, I know that you're sad and angry, but you have a baby growing in you. If the mother's not in a good mood, it will affect the baby."

"Huo Mian, since things have progressed to this stage, I have another question that I wanted to ask you, but you have to tell me the truth, okay?" Wu Xiaoxue grabbed a tissue to wipe off her tears and then looked up at Huo Mian.


"The ophthalmology papers that Ning Zhiyuan won awards for# you wrote them for him, didn't you?"

Huo Mian didn't say anything#

"Huo Mian, tell me the truth. I don't want to be an idiot that was deceived by him again and again."

"Yes, I wrote them." Huo Mian finally admitted.

"Hahaha# I didn't believe my uncle when he told me. I always thought that Ning Zhiyuan was a medical genius. Yes, he wasn't a good person, but at least he was talented. But now everything seems to be a lie. He doesn't have any hard skills but still pretends that he's a genius of some sort. He disgusts me."

"Back then, we had just graduated, and the job market wasn't so good. He was a doctor, and the only way he could get a job was if he excelled in at least one aspect. So, I wrote him a paper. Later, I heard that the higher-ups liked his paper, so I wrote a couple more for him so that he could have some ground to stand on in the medical field. I never thought that things would come to this."

To some extent, Huo Mian blamed herself. If she never helped Ning Zhiyuan, none of the rest would have happened.

"You really did everything you could for him, but not only does he not appreciate you, he even pushed all responsibilities onto you. When we began dating, he told me that you betrayed him and cheated on him with your ex-boyfriend. He also said that you were slutty and had a bad personality. Back then, I believed him."

"He wasn't wrong, I did get back together with my ex# but I'm not slutty," Huo Mian said quietly.

"I can't believe that I used to make your life hell. You never hated me for it and even saved me and my baby. I finally understand why my uncle thinks so highly of you. Huo Mian, I have never admired anyone in my life, but I admire you a lot. If it weren't for everything that happened, I'd really like to be friends with you."

"Don't think too much, remember to get a lot of rest for you and your baby."

When Huo Mian left, Wu Xiaoxue was still crying in her office#

Pregnancy gave people complicated emotions; plus, with all the dust that she's eaten, Wu Xiaoxue was bound to feel hurt.

Huo Mian knew about Ning Zhiyuan and He Man, because she once bumped into them.

She stayed at the OB/GYN department for a little longer before leaving. As she headed out, she bumped into Ning Zhiyuan at the door.

He seemed to have just arrived at work because he had his own clothes on rather than scrubs.

"Mian#" Ning Zhiyuan's expression filled with pleasant surprise when he saw her.