Chapter 356: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (8)

Chapter 356: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (8)
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"Go try it on first." Huo Mian was secretive and refused to reveal more.

Qin Chu was helpless, and he had no choice but to take it and go into the bedroom. Then, he stripped off his business attire and changed into what Huo Mian gave him.

When Qin Chu changed, he did not hide from Huo Mian. He took all his clothes off, exposing his upper body.

Huo Mian didn't shy away and looked at his face on.

She was secretly exclaiming how great her Mr. Qin's body was. It wasn't pale and had a tanned copper tint to it, which made it look extremely alluring. All men should have a great body like him!

A minute later, Qin Chu put on the shirt Huo Mian gave him. Looking at Huo Mian, he questioned, "What is this?"

"It's the same as mine, a couple's outfit," Pointing at her own red t-shirt, Huo Mian said.

Qin Chu was speechless.

"So, I have to wear this Mickey Mouse-patterned thing out?"

Qin Chu had never worn a cartoon patterned-shirt in his entire life. His first time was paired with such a discernible color made him feel out of place.

"I think it's great, what're you afraid of?"

"Ahem# can I# can I choose not to wear it?" Qin Chu rubbed his nose and asked in a depressed tone.

"Sure, but then you'll have to sleep in your room tonight."

"Hey, it actually doesn't look so bad, I like the design." Qin Chu chickened out and decided to wear this cartoon t-shirt against his heart, just so he didn't get chased out of Huo Mian's bedroom.

"When did you buy this?"

"A few days ago."


"From some online store#"

Qin Chu was silent before finally accepting the reality, "Fine, you win."

So, under Huo Mian's tyrannical power, Qin Chu was forced to wear the cartoon outfit and the pair left their condo together.

"You're not driving?"

"No, we're taking the bus today. Haha." Huo Mian seemed to be in a good mood. With a cartoon-patterned black backpack, she held Qin Chu's hand with a smile on her face.

It seemed clear that she was in a great mood, so Qin Chu did not continue to dampen her enthusiasm.

The two of them took the city transit for thirty or so minutes, and they finally got off the bus in an old district in the eastern suburb.

It was seven o'clock at night, but the area was bustling and lit up by street lights.

"It's busy, how do you like it?" proudly, Huo Mian asked.

"A night market?"

"Yeah, it's been open for around three years, and I came every year. But it's never open for long. Once it snows, the night market closes. It'll be here for two months at most. This place is always bustling with people, and most importantly, they have a lot of tasty food."

Due to her common upbringing, Huo Mian really liked down-to-earth things.

Although Qin Chu did not particularly like stuff like this, Huo Mian did, and he would never dampen the mood.

The couple held hands and walked through the streets of the night market, watching people come and go. It was extra atmospheric.

"Hey, there's a game over there I wanna try." After speaking, Huo Mian pulled Qin Chu in.

About three meters away, there were many stuffed toys placed around. There was a plastic basket opposite from it, with cloth bags inside#

The sign read 'one yuan per turn'. Although a lot of people were playing this game, only a few managed to get bags inside the basket.

It may have been because of the distance and how light the cloth bag was.

"Sir, I'd like ten bags."

"Alright." Taking Huo Mian's ten yuan, the boss handed her ten bags.

Huo Mian took five and gave the rest to Qin Chu, "We each have 5, let's see who gets more into the basket."

"What do I get if I win?" Qin Chu asked in a hushed tone.

"I'll treat you to dinner."

"Not enough." Qin Chu was obviously unsatisfied.

"I'll treat you to a slushie too."

"Not interested."

"What do you want then?" Huo Mian asked back.

"If I win, you have to spoon with me tonight without clothes on."

"You pervert..." Huo Mian's face reddened immediately.

"So? Do you have the guts?" Qin Chu provoked.

"I'm not scared. What if you lose?" Huo Mian was filled with confidence.

"Then I'll strip naked and let you spoon me."

"Screw you, Qin Chu."

Win or lose, why did Huo Mian feel like she was at a disadvantage either way?

"Let's start. You'd better keep your word." After speaking, he didn't wait for her to reply and suddenly threw the bag without warning.

Like magic, he hit a stuffed toy. It was a CJ7 plush toy.

"Uh# I feel like I am gonna lose." Huo Mian's face began showing hints of worry.

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