Chapter 355: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (7)

Chapter 355: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (7)
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"Good night, President Qin."

"Good night, President Qin."

"See you tomorrow, President Qin."

A lot of the executives said goodbye to Qin Chu; Qin Chu only nodded back at them.

Seizing this opportunity, Zhou Guanghui instantly ran up to Qin Chu.

"President Qin, please wait."

Qin Chu frowned as he looked at the woman he didn't recognize standing in front of him.

"Miss, who are you?" Assistant Yang was worried that this unfamiliar face would alarm and disturb the president.

"President Qin, can I speak to you for a second? Please," Zhou Guanghui begged as tears streamed out of her eyes. Usually, this tactic made guys sympathize with her.

But Qin Chu was no usual man#

"Where's security? Since when does GK allow people to come and go as they wish?" Qin Chu asked coldly.

"Head of security, get over here and get this woman out of here," Yang immediately ordered.

"President Qin, I'm Zhou Guanghui, please spare Tian Fu Mining, I# I'm willing to do anything. I can satisfy all of your needs," Zhou Guanghui said all that in a rush.

"All of my needs?" Qin Chu glanced at her with an icy expression.

"Yes, I am willing to do anything, but please spare us."

"You sure think highly of yourself," Qin Chu said indifferently.

"President Qin#?"

"I will not forgive what the Zhous did. I won't care even if God himself came down to beg me. I advise that you stop struggling like a dead rat. If you're smart enough, sell your mansion, leave the city, and never come back. Or else# trust me, life will just become harder and harder."

After giving her his advice, Qin Chu turned around to leave#

"President Qin, don't go, I#" Zhou Guanghui had specially put on an ultra-short low V-neck dress just for Qin Chu.

However, he didn't even look at her, and all her efforts were for nothing#

After she was chased out by GK's security guards, Zhou Guanghui gave up on the idea of seducing Qin Chu.

Of course, she didn't know what her family did to piss off GK like that. She just assumed that it was the result of vicious competition.

What she didn't know was when her brother, Zhou Guangming, that good-for-nothing bastard, angered Huo Mian, thus angering Qin Chu.

That was why the Zhou family broke into shambles this quickly#

- At a high-end club in C City -

"Why do you look so depressed? Didn't that girl win the lawsuit? Dennis Wu helped her, that was pretty impressive." Wei Liao comforted Su Yu when he saw how depressed he was.

Su Yu didn't say anything and just kept drinking#

Then, Tang Chuan walked over and said, "Young Master Su, did you acquire Tian Fu Mining? Talk about being ruthless, you didn't leave them with anything. They're screwed, Zhou Guanghui is now trying to sleep around to get money for her family."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"Weren't you the one who did it?" Both Tang Chuan and Wei Liao knew that Zhou Guangming had pissed off a woman who Su Yu had recently become interested in.

"It wasn't me."

"That's weird, who else could it be? Don't tell me it's Huo Siqian." Wei Liao knew that Huo Siqian and Huo Mian were siblings, and he was also at Huo Mian's trial. Therefore, it could be him.

Su Yu still didn't say anything; he was thinking about how to beat Qin Chu.

- That evening -

As soon as Qin Chu got home, Huo Mian immediately went up to him. Holding his hand, she said, "Come, honey, let's go out."

"Go out? Where to?" puzzled, Qin Chu asked.

"I found an amazing place, and we can have dinner there as well. It's a really busy place, so I bet you'll like it."

Then, before Qin Chu could respond, Huo Mian pulled him out the door.

However, after a few steps, Huo Mian suddenly remembered something, "Oh, right, we can't leave yet, put this on first."

"What's this?" Qin Chu asked unwillingly when he saw the red thing Huo Mian was holding in her hands.