Chapter 354: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (6)

Chapter 354: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (6)
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"Haha, look at that arrogance." Qin Chu broke into laughter.

"I'm a man of my words. Of the 20 or so years I've been alive, I've always gotten what I've wanted. Always."

"Yeah? I'm afraid you may be disappointed this time. No one can steal Huo Mian away from me, including you," Qin Chu said with determination as if he was making an announcement to the world.

"Let's wait and see." Su Yu smiled; then, he turned on his heel and left.

Qin Chu snorted and then walked out of the restaurant#

Then, he got onto the passenger seat of Huo Mian's Volkswagen CC.

"Hm? Why are you here? Where's your car?"

"I called my assistant to drive it home."

"Um# why?"

"I want to ride in your car."

"My driving skill sucks though." Huo Mian emphasized.

"I don't mind."

"Okay then, Master Qin, remember to buckle up."

In the end, Huo Mian drove Qin Chu and herself back to Imperial Park.

Along the way, a depressed Huo Mian said, "Gao Ran's girlfriend sure is strict, she wouldn't even let us enjoy our lunch."

"The more she acts that way, the less of a chance they will end up together. Women like that don't suit Gao Ran," Qin Chu analyzed.

"I think so too, an iron lady like Lingling would be more compatible with him. Too bad they don't like each other."

"How do you know that they don't like each other#?"

"Isn't that the case? Hey, let me see your expression, do you know something that I don't?" Huo Mian felt like something was up, so she probed Qin Chu.

"You're thinking too much, I don't know anything." Unwilling to reveal any more, Qin Chu laughed.

Then, he leaned back on the passenger seat and thought back at Su Yu's declaration of war; he wasn't surprised#

Su Yu had been investigating Huo Mian, and Qin Chu's people had been countering them. As early as that, Qin Chu guessed what Su Yu wanted.

Su Yu probably fell for Huo Mian, but Huo Mian was his and his alone. No one on this earth would be able to steal her from him.

Three days later, the local news reported that Tian Fu Mining was on the brink of bankruptcy, and its stocks were forcibly purchased by a mysterious company.

Overnight, the Zhous lost hundreds of millions that they couldn't pay back, so they had no choice but to mortgage the company.

Because of Zhou Guangming, who was sentenced to 7 years of jail time, the Zhous, a family of overnight millionaires, immediately lost all of their arrogance.

In three days, they became mice on the streets, chased by everyone in sight.

Mrs. Zhou was sick, and her daughter, Zhou Guanghui tried to borrow money from others, but no one would lend them any.

Her good friends from the old days ignored her, and the rich heirs that she used to flirt with suddenly all disappeared.

The Zhou Family suddenly understood how heartless this world was#

"Hui, where are you going?" Seeing her daughter all dressed up and made up, Mrs. Zhou feebly asked her.

"My friend told me that a branch company under GK Corporation acquired our company, so I'm going to talk to their president and try to negotiate with him. If he agrees to let us off the hook, I'd be willing to sleep with him."

"Hui# thank you for doing this."

The mother-daughter duo fantasized, but sleeping with Qin Chu? Yeah right.

No one, aside from Huo Mian, could enter within half a meter of Qin Chu's personal space.

Everyone at GK knew about this 每 the new president was not interested in women; he was also arrogant and aloof.

Zhou Guanghui arrived at GK but was stopped by the front desk because she didn't have a reservation#

Therefore, she waited outside, hoping to stop him when he got off work.

Zhou Guanghui had done her research and knew that Qin Chu was an extremely good-looking man, which made her happy.

She was pretty and had a good figure. No sensible man would say no if she was willing, right?

During the end-of-day rush hour, Zhou Guanghui became anxious as she watched the employees leave the building. She peered left and right.

Finally, Qin Chu exited his designated elevator with his assistant, Yang.

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