Chapter 353: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (5)

Chapter 353: Young Master Su*s Declaration of War (5)
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"Um# I think she is Gao Ran's girlfriend." Huo Mian stumbled as a weird feeling crept up her spine.

"Why are you here?" Gao Ran was extremely surprised to see Lin Xuejiao.

He remembered that he especially asked for a day off today, right? Plus, no one could've told her where he was, right?

After they went on a few dates, Gao Ran decided to give up.

If it weren't for Huo Mian's incident, he would've ended things with her a long time ago. After all, he couldn't stand being with someone who suffered from 'Princess Syndrome'.

He much preferred iron ladies#

At least iron ladies lived like real people; why should girls pretend to be someone they're not, and live their lives in a lie?

It's not like they were in a movie.

"Oh, I was shopping nearby and saw your car parked outside. I thought you were seeing some pretty girl behind my back, but I didn't realize that you were hanging out with friends. I'm sorry, I think I was thinking too much."

Then, before Gao Ran could respond, Lin Xuejiao walked up to Gao Ran, pulled up a chair, and sat down right beside him.

"Wait# um# don't you have work today?"

"LV is having a sale this afternoon, so I asked for a half-day off. My friends and I went to buy some bags; it was a steal. I got this bag for a little over 9,000 yuan, it's cheap, right?" Then, Lin Xuejiao took the bag off her shoulder and showed it off.

Zhu Lingling felt a little uncomfortable when she saw that woman pull up a chair and sit beside Gao Ran.

She didn't know what that feeling was, but it just felt uncomfortable.

"Hm? Who's she? She's really pretty. I don't believe we've met, you're#" Lin Xuejiao asked Zhu Lingling.

"Zhu Lingling." Zhu Lingling introduced herself.

"Hi, My name is Lin Xuejiao, I'm Gao Ran's girlfriend."

"I know, you said that already. There's no need to repeat the same thing twice. After all# we're still young, and our memories are fine," Zhu Lingling said in all seriousness.

"Haha, I'm sorry, I forgot that I said it already." Lin Xuejiao smiled without saying anything else.

Then, she intimately locked arms with Gao Ran#

Zhu Lingling didn't say anything else; while they ate, she occasionally chit-chatted with Huo Mian and completely ignored them.

Ever since Lin Xuejiao arrived, the four of them weren't as at ease as they used to be and couldn't talk about anything they wanted to.

Therefore, lunch was somewhat quiet#

"President Qin, I heard that GK is developing a high-end residential area in the Northern New District, right next to Golden Coast, is that right?"

"Yeah." Qin Chu valued each word he spoke.

"It hasn't even opened for sale, yet the prices are already as expensive as 30,000 yuan per square meter. I wonder how much these condos are going to end up costing," Lin Xuejiao asked Qin Chu coquettishly.

"That depends on the board, they haven't set a price yet."

"If Gao Ran and I get married and are looking to buy a place, will you give us a discount?" Then, Lin Xuejiao leaned her head on Gao Ran's shoulder as an act of intimacy.

Qin Chu glanced and Gao Ran, and then said casually, "If he gets married, I'll give him one for free."

"Really? That's great! Thank you, President Qin, I'd like to make a toast to you," Lin Xuejiao said as she picked up a wine glass.

Huo Mian snatched Qin Chu's wine glass and said with a smile, "My husband has to drive later, I'll drink for him."

After they drank the glass of wine, Zhu Lingling had officially had enough. She patted Huo Mian's shoulder and said, "Girl, I have to be somewhere. Let's hang out again soon, it'll be my treat."

"Okay, I'll message you later." Huo Mian knew that Zhu Lingling despised fake pompous girls like Lin Xuejiao, so she didn't stop her.

Zhu Lingling didn't even say goodbye to Gao Ran when she left; she pretended that he didn't even exist.

Gao Ran wanted to send Zhu Lingling off, but Lin Xuejiao was stuck to him like glue.

The truth was, ever since that night, Gao Ran felt like something had been going on between him and Zhu Lingling.

Too bad their lunch was interrupted by Lin Xuejiao. What a shame.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian left soon after Lin Xuejiao did. That was the end of lunch#

Huo Mian went downstairs to get her car, while Qin Chu waited by the bar to pay the bill.

Just as he was paying, Su Yu, Wei Liao, and the others came in.

It was a complete coincidence for them to see each other here; Wei Liao suggested this restaurant, so Su Yu came along.

However, he never expected to see Qin Chu here#

When the two of them locked eyes, sparks began to fly about#

Su Yu noticed that the look Qin Chu gave him had a deep layer of meaning, as if he already knew about everything.

"Huo Mian will be mine." After all this time, Su Yu's first sentence to Qin Chu was a declaration of war.