Chapter 296: This Woman Is Too Capricious (3)

Chapter 296: This Woman Is Too Capricious (3)
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Huo Mian immediately turned her head and pretended not to see Su Yu#

She picked up a bag of peanuts from the cabinet, tore it open, and began munching on them.

Su Yu lost control of his feet and went up to Huo Mian, "It's weird to see you here, singing karaoke."

"Is it? What's wrong with that? Am I not human? You can be here, so why can't I?"

"So# you're a nurse with an exciting nightlife." Su Yu provoked her on purpose.

"Stop it. Have you fixed my car?"

"Car? What car?" Su Yu pretended he didn't know what she was talking about.

"Su Yu, you a*s#" Huo Mian missed her car. It had been a couple of days since it was sent to get fixed, and Qin Chu had been driving her to work all this time.

She really didn't want Mr. Qin to go through all this trouble, so she needed her car back as soon as possible. However, this asshole was playing dumb with her.

"Your car sucks, there's no need to fix it. Just get a new one."

"Forget it, it's too much work talking to you. For the sake of my health, I will no longer speak to you. I will love my life and stay away from Su Yu." Then, Huo Mian snatched the bag of peanuts and walked away.

"Miss, you haven't paid yet#" the waitress at the bar called her from behind.

"Ask that guy for money." Huo Mian pointed at Su Yu.

Su Yu took out a couple of hundred-yuan bills, threw it at the waitress, and then walked away.

"Is she the one you've fallen head over heels for?" Wei Liao smiled after they got into his black Range Rover.

"No, of course not." Su Yu was not about to admit his feelings towards her.

Wei Liao didn't say anything else#

After a while, Wei Liao suddenly muttered, "Love life, stay away from Su Yu."

"F*ck#" Su Yu immediately lost his cool. Did Wei Liao overhear their conversation?

Why on earth did Huo Mian say something this impressionable?

Love life, stay away from Su Yu? What the hell was wrong with him that she had to stay away from?

After Huo Mian went upstairs into their room, Lin Xuejiao had finished singing the first song and started on a second.

It was Actor , by Joker Xue. The song had been pretty popular recently.

Lin Xuejiao looked at Gao Ran as she sang, but he wasn't really listening. Instead, he was chitchatting with Qin Chu.

Bored, Huo Mian sat on the couch eating snacks, occasionally clapping for Lin Xuejiao.

Just then, Qin Chu suddenly walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Sing a song for me."

"You know I'm tone deaf."

"It's fine, I won't mind."

"But I mind." Huo Mian rarely sang because she knew she was either going to be off-key or forget the lyrics. That would be awkward.

"Huo Mian, come on, sing for us. We won't laugh at you, even if you sing Three Blind Mice ."

"Haha, thanks for the encouragement, but Three Blind Mice is too difficult, I can't sing it." Huo Mian laughed.

"Come on, Mian, sing something," Lin Xuejiao wrapped her arms around Gao Ran and heckled at her as well.

"Why don't the two of you sing something together? What about Love Song in a Mundane World ?" Gao Ran suggested.

"A country song like that suits you better," Qin Chu said as he glanced at Gao Ran.

"Hahaha." Huo Mian broke into laughter.

That song actually had a pretty melody, but was a little too much 'heavy-metal countryside'.

"Huo Mian, what about The Husband Makes Money and his Wife Spends it ?" Gao Ran continued to joke.

Lin Xuejiao couldn't help but cover her mouth, chuckling nonstop.

Huo Mian thought that if she didn't surprise them with something spectacular, she wouldn't be able to hold the crowd.

Therefore, she stood up, picked up the microphone and said, "Now# let's hear a round of applause for my husband, Mr. Qin, who will be singing Silence is Gold."

Gao Ran and Lin Xuejiao immediately began clapping#

Qin Chu looked at his wife, who happily pushed him to the spotlight#

"Way to go." Qin Chu looked up and stared at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian immediately whined, "Mr. Qin, come on, or else the two of them will laugh at us until tomorrow."

Qin Chu had a beautiful singing voice. Back when they were still in school, Qin Chu once sang Silence is Gold by Leslie Cheung, during the school's New Year's party.

His perfect Cantonese accent surprised the school and made all the girls fall in love with him#

After all those years, could he still find the feeling he had back then?

"You're the best, honey! Come on, sing for us." Huo Mian used her ultimate weapon 每 puppy eyes.