Chapter 295: This Woman Is Too Capricious (2)

Chapter 295: This Woman Is Too Capricious (2)
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"Qin Chu, your woman is way too willful. I can't believe she would ignore the men right next to her and open the bottle herself."

"Isn't that normal?" Qin Chu was used to her iron-lady actions.

He would probably be more surprised if one day, Huo Mian coquettishly said that she couldn't do this and couldn't do that.

Gao Ran laughed, "Right, plus, online posts say that girls all pretend that they can't open water bottles. They're immediately stronger when they tear apart packages from their online deliveries."

Huo Mian couldn't help but burst into laughter#

Embarrassed, Lin Xuejiao added, "My colleagues open my packages for me. I really can't open it. I think it's because I'm weak and don't have much strength."

Huo Mian smiled and didn't respond much after that. With her wits, she already saw the girl for what she was.

Therefore, the conversations afterward were no more than chit-chat, and Huo Mian's heart wasn't in them#

Gao Ran and Qin Chu, on the other hand, had a lot to talk about. Yet, Qin Chu never forgot to put food on Huo Mian's plate.

He didn't want her food to be too spicy, so he placed a cup of water next to her plate, dipping the food in before placing giving it to her.

Their cheesiness was too much for Gao Ran#

"Hey, seriously, can you guys leave that cheesy stuff at home and stop fawning your love? There are people here."

"Is there a law here that forbids us from fawning our love in public?" Qin Chu asked arrogantly.

"You need to take it easy, Mr. Qin. This is a public place, you should be considerate of others."

"If I'm happy, then why should I be considerate of others?"

Gao Ran, "#" (sustained severe damages)

Huo Mian added, "Plus, we are legally-married spouses."

Gao Ran, "#" (KO'ed)

"Um, I'd like to make an announcement. In the future, when I treat you guys to dinner, I'll treat you guys separately. Don't come together, or else I might die young."

"Not possible. Either you get both of us or neither." Qin Chu nipped Gao Ran's thought at the bud.

"Sh*t, are you guys mandarin ducks, tied at the waist?"

"Nope, allow me to make a correction. Mandarin ducks aren't faithful to their mates, they switch partners every year. Therefore, the stories that we've heard are all misleading. As a policeman in charge of the public's safety, you should read more books," Huo Mian warned earnestly.

"Qin Chu# discipline your wife. If she talks like that, she won't have any friends."

"She's my wife, as long as she has me, she won't need other friends."

Gao Ran, "#"

When Gao Ran hung out with Qin Chu and Huo Mian, he always felt like he was a pathetic third wheel.

When Zhu Lingling was here, she would occasionally help him deal with this nauseating couple.

However, the date he brought today just listened quietly to their conversation but never interjected.

This was because she thought of herself as a lady; she refused to disregard her image and make small talk with them.

"Lin Xuejiao, wanna give me a hand?" Gao Ran asked hopelessly.

"President Qin and his wife are humorous, it's a good thing." Lin Xuejiao smiled shyly.

"You don't need to be so formal, they're old friends with me. Just be yourself." Gao Ran suddenly found Lin Xuejiao's actions awkward; it would've been better if that wrench Zhu Lingling was here.

It was still early after they ate, so Gao Ran asked if they wanted to go sing karaoke.

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian; he didn't care what they did, as long as Huo Mian was happy.

Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu didn't have many friends, and Gao Ran was his closest buddy, so she didn't have the heart to decline his invitation.

So, the four of them went to a luxurious karaoke place in the city.

After they got a room, Qin Chu and Gao Ran were ordering drinks when Lin Xuejiao decided to sing first.

She sang Leo, by Yico Zeng. Her voice was soft, squishy, and flirty. Moreover, she was tone deaf, and Huo Mian ended up losing her cool over Lin Xuejiao's singing.

She used buying snacks as an excuse to get a breath of fresh air#

However, to her surprise, she saw Su Yu at the door#

Su Yu was coming out from one of the rooms with a bunch of friends. He looked up and saw Huo Mian, and immediately stopped in his tracks.