Chapter 287: Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (4)

Chapter 287: Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (4)
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"Su Yu, why did you hit my car? Do you hate me or something?" Huo Mian was about to go crazy.

God knows how much she loved her dear Volkswagen CC#

"I didn't know it was your car either, I was on my phone and accidentally drove into it," Su Yu said as if it wasn't a big deal.

"You were on your phone when you were driving? Are you looking to die? It's fine if you want to die but I still want to live." Huo Mian was furious.

Weirdly, Su Yu was in a good mood when he saw how angry she was#

He finally had a reason to see her#

It took him an entire day to plan the collision. He had investigated Huo Mian's route to work, picked a spot for the collision, and collided into Huo Mian's car.

It was perfectly executed#

God knew how much he missed her. When he saw her, he felt like even his heart was beating faster than usual.

"Relax, it's not a big deal. Is your car damaged? I'll just buy you a new one."

Su Yu knew that Huo Mian would not accept a luxury vehicle so he directly offered to buy her the same model.

"That's okay, all I need is the repair fees, I'll go to the 4S shop myself." (TL note: 4S - a shop that handles sales, spare parts, service, and survey for cars.)

"It's not like I am short of money. If you don't want this car, I can buy you another one, you can choose whichever one you like. Or you can take this Ferrari, what do you think?" Su Yu said with a smile as he pointed at the White Ferrari behind him.

"It's okay. Like I said, I only want the repair fees, pay up!" Huo Mian impatiently reached out her hand for the money.

"I'll definitely give you the money but we need to follow protocol. The traffic police will come soon. They'll inspect the accident and call the insurance company. We'll go through due process."

"That much trouble? It's okay then, I'm in a hurry to get to work. I'll leave my car here, call me after you fix it. Bye."

After speaking, Huo Mian turned around to stop a taxi# but she was stopped by Su Yu.

"You can't go, we haven't settled this yet and you're one of the parties involved."

"But I'm in a hurry to get to work."

"You can take a day off."

"My car got crashed into and I still need to take a day off work? Su Yu, you're such a jinx!" Huo Mian was about to faint. Nothing good had happened this morning!

"A jinx is ugly, I'm more of a superstar."

"Stop joking with me, get out of my way, I'm going to be late," Huo Mian said impatiently.

Just then, the traffic police arrived. They first greeted Su Yu respectfully, "Young Master Su, good morning."

After looking at the scene, the traffic police said, "As a beginner female driver, how could you take the viaduct during the morning rush hour? Your car also crossed the line while you were waiting for the red light. I'm going to confiscate your car, come with me and await further instructions."

Huo Mian almost vomited blood when she heard what the policeman said#

Just how much more crap could come out from this traffic police officer's mouth?! Even if he was trying to kiss Su Yu's a*s, he didn't have to do it to this extent, right?

He said that her car had crossed the line, was he blind? Her car was a huge distance away from the line!

Also, was there even a traffic law that stipulates that a new female driver couldn't take a viaduct during rush hour? It was not like she was driving on the highway!

Su Yu was clearly upset at the traffic policeman's decision as well, and he said coldly, "I crashed into this girl's car because I was on my phone. I need to pay her back for the damages. She didn't cross the line, this accident is completely my fault."

"Young Master Su#?" The traffic police were completely stunned.

"That's what happened, it's fully my responsibility. Write it down quickly," Su Yu said impatiently.

In the end, under Su Yu's instructions, the traffic police brought them back to the police station to record the accident.

Huo Mian could only delay a day of work and request a day off from her supervisor#

Finally, it was decided that Su Yu was fully responsible for the accident and for all of Huo Mian's car repair costs.

The truth was, the accident was only a small matter but the traffic police refused to let Huo Mian go.

All of Huo Mian's patience had worn off, and she felt like screaming at people.

She didn't want to trouble her husband, or she would've called Qin Chu and asked him to pick her up.

She believed that if Qin Chu was here, these traffic police would immediately turn into her lackeys#

What a bunch of snobs #

After walking out of the police station, Su Yu's was in a good mood, "It's rare for us to meet again, let me treat you to a meal."

Huo Mian did not speak. She just walked over to the white Ferrari and gave it a furious kick before walking away#

"Tsk tsk# does your mother know you're so fierce?" Su Yu was speechless.