Chapter 284: Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (1)

Chapter 284: Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (1)
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Huo Mian was reviewing the documents at her desk when she heard Wang Tingting's clamoring voice. Without even looking at her, Huo Mian pulled out a receipt.

It was a 500 yuan fine which she had just paid#

In other words, after playing chess with Grandpa, Huo Mian already went and paid a fine at the Finance Department.

Wang Tingting seemed to have the air punched out of her lungs when she saw the ticket, and she got even angrier, but she could not speak a word#

Truthfully, she had never seen anyone as crazy as Huo Mian, who would even fine herself.

"Is there anything else? If not, go back to work. If you have the time, you should practice drawing blood. If a patient complains about your techniques in the future, you will have to pay another fine."

The little nurses dared not to speak another word and hurriedly left the room.

"Huo Mian is so horrible. She is not good-looking, nor does she have a good figure. The clothes she wears are so unfashionable and cheap. I don't understand what Young Master Su liked about her," Wang Tingting said with envy, jealousy, and hate.

"But even so, I heard that Head Nurse rejected Young Master Su," another new nurse interjected.

"Rejected him? What a joke! You girls are too young. Let me tell you, her rejection is just what you see on the surface, and she might've already slept with him. Don't make her sound so virtuous, it's usually those women who are proper on the surface that are slutty. Humph, I've seen tons of women like her."

After hearing her words, the other little nurses also started to gossip, but Huo Mian did not care what others said about her.

Her principle was to just be herself# After all, she wasn't money, so she couldn't expect everyone to love her.

Just as Huo Mian was about to leave work, Song Lin walked in.

"Director Song." Huo Mian smiled as she stood up.

"Are you free later? Let's have a drink together."

"Uh# sure." Huo Mian did not know how to turn down Song Lin's invitation.

So she texted Qin Chu, "Honey, I'm going to have dinner with a colleague. I'll be back later tonight."

"No drinking." Qin Chu only texted back two words.

"Yes, sir."

Then, after work, Huo Mian and Song Lin drove to a Korean barbeque restaurant downtown.

The private room was not big but exquisitely decorated with a tatami design.

After taking off her uniform, Song Lin was quite sexy since her chest was large.

Compared to her, Huo Mian's chest seemed flat, and she looked like an innocent high school student.

"Director Song, is there something on your mind?"

"No, I just simply admire you and wanted to have dinner with you," Song Lin said with a smile.

"You admire me?" Huo Mian was quite shocked.

"I've heard quite a lot about you, but I didn't think you would reject the hospital director's offer to go abroad. Do you know how many people want to go to England?"

"Oh, that's not an opportunity for me."

"Not many dared to speak up regarding implementing changes to South Side, but you did. You even publicly disagreed with the deputy director at the meeting. You're truly brave, here's a toast for you."

After speaking, without waiting for Huo Mian to respond, Song Lin chugged a glass of beer...

Huo Mian found it difficult to refuse, so she drank a glass too.

"It's nothing really, I'm only speaking the truth. When I first came here, I knew that South Side had a bad reputation, but I was still willing to come. After I began working here, I discovered that the facility's equipment and environment were good, and it only had poor working conduct. It would be a shame to ruin a first-class rehabilitation center because of that. I only offered my suggestions, Director Wu was the one who accepted them."

"Huo Mian, to be honest, a lot of people are saying that you are Director Wu's mistress#" Song Lin said slowly as she stared into Huo Mian's eyes.