Chapter 282: Correcting the Toxic Environment (4)

Chapter 282: Correcting the Toxic Environment (4)
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"Mhm, I'm hungry. What are we having tonight?" Huo Mian stuck her tongue out.

"You'll find out in a bit. Go wash your hands."

Huo Mian went upstairs. She changed into a light red tracksuit, washed her hands, and then went back downstairs.

Qin Chu had already placed the food on the dining table...

It was actually# a seafood feast...

Spicy stir-fried crabs, steamed crabs, boiled clams, garlic-steamed scallops, boiled conch, and her favorite - steamed mantis shrimp.

"Did you go to the seafood market?"

"No, I got someone from GK to buy it from some fishermen off the boat. Seafood is fresher when you buy it like that."

"Honey, you know me so well."

Huo Mian was drooling over the table full of seafood...

"Eat as much as you want. But before that, drink some ginger tea to warm up your tummy." After speaking, Qin Chu handed her a bowl of ginger and brown sugar tea.

Huo Mian's heart felt warm from Qin Chu's detailed care.

"But you'll get enteritis from eating seafood! What are you going to eat?" Huo Mian was a little worried.

"I made some pickled vegetables and pork noodles for myself."

"Uh# But doesn't it seem like I'm bullying you by eating a seafood feast and making you eat noodles?"

"I don't think you've ever been on top of me (TL: in Chinese, the second half of the word bully also means being on top; so yeah, great play on words# Big Boy Qin) yet since we got married."

"Pff# Mr. Qin, don't be so dirty, I'm being serious here."

"I've always been serious." Qin Chu lowered his head and ate a mouthful of noodles.

"Fine, fine. I knew you were just teasing me. Honey, Director Wu held a meeting today, and he said# he said he wanted to send me to the British Royal Hospital to be an exchange doctor. What do you think?" Huo Mian purposefully asked.

After speaking, she secretly glanced to see Qin Chu's reaction...

As she had expected, Qin Chu's hand paused for a second before he raised his head and looked at Huo Mian, "The Royal Hospital has a great global reputation, and it's great that you have an opportunity to go. "

"But I would be gone for 6 months. Won't you miss me?"

"No," Qin Chu's reply was crisp and clear.

Huo Mian was a little disappointed# She lowered her head and silently ate the mantis shrimp.

Just then, Qin Chu added, "I'll go to England with you. I will still have to see you every day, what is there to miss?"

"You'll going to England too? What about GK?" Huo Mian's eyes opened wide.

"That's my father's business, not mine."

"Honey... you're too great," Huo Mian said sweetly and then smiled, "I'm actually just teasing you, I already rejected Director Wu's offer. I'm not going to England because my family is here and I don't want to leave. I'm already satisfied with my life as it is."

"Mian, if you really want to go, I'll go with you." Qin Chu knew that learning medicine had always been Huo Mian's greatest pursuit.

Huo Mian shook her head, "I don't want to go anymore. Everyone has different dreams at different stages of their lives. I may have wanted to be a doctor a long time ago, but now, I am perfectly satisfied. Why should I change my life now?"

"No matter what you decide, I'll support you."

"If you're an emperor, you must be an incapable one, haha, focusing so much on your queen," Huo Mian gleefully laughed.

"It won't matter as long as you're the reason for my incapacity, right?"

The seafood feast rendered Huo Mian fully satisfied, and the two of them cuddled to sleep. The next morning, Huo Mian went to work early.

It was already 8:45 AM when Tingting strolled in late...

"Traffic jam," Tingting simply said, as she did not realize the consequences of her tardiness.

"Five minutes late is a fine of a hundred yuan, ten minutes is two hundred. You're fifteen minutes late. Before eleven o'clock, please pay your three-hundred-yuan fine at the Finance Department," Huo Mian spoke in a formal tone.

"What gives you the right to do that?" Tingting was immediately furious as she looked at Huo Mian angrily.