Chapter 280: Correcting the Toxic Environment (2)

Chapter 280: Correcting the Toxic Environment (2)
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Song Lin couldn't watch it anymore, so she rose up and said, "Deputy Director, I am the one who recommended Huo Mian's promotion, and I favor and understand her. She saved a pregnant woman's life at the First Hospital and performed an emergency C-section. A few days ago, she also saved Director Wu's niece, Doctor Wu Xiaoxue. Isn't she qualified enough?"

"It's an idiotic display of individualism. While she attempted at showing off, she almost dragged our hospital's century-old reputation down with her."

Huo Mian elegantly smiled, rose up and politely nodded to the doctors and executives seated around her before asking, "Deputy Director, I've heard that you used to specialize in neurology, is that correct?"

"Yes, what about it?" the deputy director replied to Huo Mian with an arrogant attitude.

"Good, then Deputy Director, as an expert in neurology, you obviously know the rules surrounding the aftercare of neurologically ill patients?"

"Do you have to ask such a simple question?"

"South Side's database shows that although we receive huge amounts of patients with neurological illnesses every year, there are very few who actually recovered. Why is that?"

"Ha, it's widely known that it is difficult to cure patients suffering from neurological disorders. Even hospitals cannot cure them, how could we, as a recuperation center? Are you kidding me?"

"I'm not kidding, I am being very serious. It's true that it is difficult to cure neurologically-ill patients, but clinical experiments conducted in the United States showed that if their aftercare was proper, the burden on them would be mitigated. It could be said that the aftercare is even more important than the pre-surgical treatment. However, as a medical expert, you do not value this fact. This leads to the outflow of many neurological patients each and every year. I'm no expert in this field, and I have no professional qualifications, but I've read books and observed the conditions of the patients at medical school and the First Hospital, so I have done quite a bit of research. Deputy Director, would you like to hear me out?"

"Sure, I'd like to see how you, an ignorant nurse, analyze the Neurology Division." In the deputy director's viewpoint, Huo Mian's behavior was laughable and self-incriminating, since doctors without specialization would for sure have a hard time answering knowledge-based questions in this field.

Huo Mian held up her cup and drank some water before glancing at those around her. "What I am about to say only represents what I think. If I make a mistake, please excuse me."

Director Wu shot her an encouraging look and nodded to give her permission...

She nodded back and began speaking, "The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord, and there is also the peripheral nervous system that includes our motor and sensory neurons throughout our entire body. Some symptoms surrounding neurological disorders are speech, movement, and cognitive impairments, sensory and consciousness disturbances, fits of syncope, seizure, amnesia, and cerebral palsy."

"Regarding the aftercare of such patients, their care must reach the following standards: one, maintain the cleanliness, tidiness, and airflow of the room. More severe patients must have the number of times they can be visited limited."

"Second is their rest and sleeping position. For chronic patients, they must be encouraged to exercise, but we must not tire them out. Patients with cognitive impairment and respiratory secretion must rest in a semi-supine or lateral position."

"Third, regarding nutrition and diet, patients must consume more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation. Patients with complicated dysphagia should carefully follow a semi-fluid diet, administered at a slow pace to prevent choking and suffocation. As for patients with severe dysphagia, they should be fed through a nasal tube and kept at a semi-upright position for up to an hour after feeding."

"In addition to the above, the recuperation process also involves the care of skin, airways, lifestyle, excrement, medication as well as observation of the illness. Particular patients may also need post-cerebrovascular surgery aftercare. Outpatients must be instructed, booked for regular appointments, and be given precautions. Patients with increasing intracranial blood pressure must be forbidden from having s*x and receive lumbar punctures periodically to prevent cerebral palsy."

"In consideration of time, I won't go through the above one by one, because I believe you all understand what I mean. Overall, I believe that as a recuperation center, we have a great deal of responsibility and obligation towards the late-stage recovery of patients, and I hope that you all take this into serious consideration. Thank you."

Huo Mian did not stumble or repeat a single word. Her speed wasn't fast and her voice was clear.

After speaking those words, the older specialized doctors were all dumbfounded...

Deputy Director Guo's facial expression changed again and again...

Huo Mian's speech seemed to have come from somebody with a Ph.D. in neurology, not just a regular head nurse.

"Deputy Director Guo, what do you think about what Huo Mian said?" Director Wu asked Guo Yumin in a meaningful tone.