Chapter 279: Correcting the Toxic Environment (1)

Chapter 279: Correcting the Toxic Environment (1)
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"Ahem# Huo Mian's suggestion isn't bad. Haha, this style of work clothing is almost outdated, so becoming tired of the aesthetics is inevitable. That's a good idea," on the side, a department chief flattered and fawned.

The truth was, most people at South Side were well informed, and there was no such thing as secrets. Everyone knew how much Director Wu valued Huo Mian, and the fact that Huo Mian operated all night and saved the life of Director Wu's niece.

So, Huo Mian's first suggestion was immediately backed up by one of the chiefs...

Song Lin also nodded her head, "Director Wu, Huo Mian is right. We're a hospital after all, and our work outfits are better off being more formal."

"Record this, we'll rectify it immediately after this," Director Wu told his assistant.

The male assistant immediately wrote it down on his notebook...

"Anyone else?" Director Wu looked around.

In fact, meetings on this topic were conducted every season, so people were all used to it, and nobody wanted to voice their opinions.

If their suggestions were good, they would get the titles like as*kisser or try-hard; and if they were bad, the director would say that their ideas were unrealistic.

There was a minute of silence...

Huo Mian looked left and right; she felt like nobody wanted to talk so she raised her hand again.

"Huo Mian, go on," Director Wu called her name.

"Director Wu, I believe that we need to correct the environment of South Side. The atmosphere here is near toxic. I don't know if you've heard rumors about South Side, but most of them are hard to bear. To be frank, South Side should aim to become the best rehabilitation center and put the recovery of patients first, instead of other irrelevant matters. The skills of our medical staff also need improvement. We can't live with ourselves if our patients suddenly fall into unstable conditions and we miss the best window of opportunity to save them. So, Director, I hope you can increase the number of skilled medical professionals situated at our hospital. Furthermore, the nurses need to improve upon their professional standards. I suggest implementing regular training, assessments, and a reward and punishment system to muster up everyone's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. Finally, Director, I hope that you can wipe out the toxic environment at South Side once and for all, and return a healthy medical facility to the citizens. That's all, thank you for listening."

Everyone was dumbfounded after Huo Mian's speech...

At last, it was Director Wu who led a thunderous round of applause. He shot her a look of approval.

Huo Mian was a good seed, he wasn't wrong about her...

"What Huo Mian said was very good. Everybody, don't be afraid to speak your mind."

"Director, I heard that Head Nurse Huo graduated from a local third-rate university, and she didn't even major in health science. She's still young, and some of her ideas may only work on paper. Reorganization doesn't happen overnight, please reconsider this before you put her plans into action."

Of course, there would be a voice of disapproval...

The man who spoke was one of the deputy directors of South Side, Guo Yumin. He practiced medicine for twenty years before being promoted to deputy.

It was a known fact that he had a horrible reputation and often enforced unspoken rules on pretty nurses in the hospital. However, nobody dared to cross him.

He had never crossed paths with Huo Mian, since she wasn't a beauty who enticed him.

However, Huo Mian's coworker Tingting was one of his bedmates. So, he remembered who Huo Mian was after Tingting complained about her several times.

Seeing Huo Mian shine today made him feel like she was stealing his spotlight, and this greatly displeased him.

After hearing what he said, Huo Mian smiled, "Deputy director, your words err. One's education does not determine one's capability. You can't refute my suggestion due to my education, that is unfair."

"Fairness? Is listening to a nurse with zero experience blabber nonsense fair? How dare you talk about reorganization?"

"But aren't we here today to freely suggest opinions of our own?" Huo Mian argued back.

"Making a suggestion means to logically treat a problem, not delusionally break traditions." It was clear that the deputy director did not want to reorganize South Side.

"Deputy Director, I've always been logical, and my analysis is unbiased. South Side really does need to raise its professional, civility, and medical standards. This way, we'll be better set for the long run," Huo Mian calmly replied.

"So# what qualifications do you have to lecture experienced doctors like us who have been practicing medicine for years?" The deputy director's face became cloudy.