Chapter 277: Young Master Su Is Not In the Mood (4)

Chapter 277: Young Master Su Is Not In the Mood (4)
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"You still can't just let me sleep on your leg like that," Huo Mian didn't know how to respond.

Qin Chu was spoiling her rotten#

The two sat inside the Maybach for an hour, and the Wanda Square was no more than ten minutes away from the Imperial Park.

Huo Mian laid asleep on Qin Chu's leg for an entire hour.

Plus, during that hour, Qin Chu sat there so quietly, like a handsome gentleman#.

"So what? As long as you got a nice nap."

"Honey, I'll become spoiled if you're this nice to me."

"You're allowed to be spoiled."

"Let's head upstairs." Huo Mian sighed as she opened the car door, but just as she was about to get off, she noticed that her legs were numb.

It might be because her pose was so twisted when she fell asleep that her legs lost all feeling. She couldn't get up at all.


"What's wrong?"

"My legs# are numb."

"Don't move, let me carry you," Qin Chu walked over and reached out his hands to lift her up.

Huo Mian suddenly said, "Honey, give me a piggyback upstairs."

Qin Chu froze slightly and then said, "Okay."

Huo Mian suddenly wanted Qin Chu to give her a piggyback because it was romantic.

With Qin Chu's figure and strength, it was a super easy task.

However, she thought that they were going to take the elevator, but why did he seem to go the other way#

"Whoa, the elevator's over there." Huo Mian pointed in the other direction.

"I know."

"Then why are you heading in the opposite direction?"

"I want to take the stairs."

"Dude, we live on the sixteenth floor."

"I know."

"If you know, then why are you still taking the stairs?"

"It's only the sixteenth floor, so what? I want time to move slower so we could enjoy this moment. One day, when I'm old, I won't be able to give you a piggyback anymore. So, let me do so a few more times while I'm still young, and we'll have some beautiful memories to think back on in the future."

After he spoke, before Huo Mian could respond, Qin Chu arrived at the first set of stairs.

Huo Mian's eyes felt a bit warm#

She thought that Qin Chu was stupid for going up the stairs with elevators around.

Plus, it was the sixteenth floor, wouldn't he be exhausted?

On the eighth floor, Qin Chu's steps slowed down#

"Honey, I can walk now."


Just like that, Qin Chu was covered in sweat when he and Huo Mian arrived at the door to their home...

His black shirt was drenched in sweat#

Along this way, Huo Mian felt his adoration, something that only belonged to her, as she leaned on Qin Chu's back.

She believed that no one else in this world would treat her as well as Qin Chu did.

No one would love and adore her like Qin Chu does.

Plus, she would never willingly let another man give her a piggyback.

They were a unique presence in each other's lives, and no one could replace one or the other.

When she dated Ning Zhiyuan, she always felt like things have passed, and her heart was as calm as a dead sea.

She thought her life would be filled with mundane things. However, to her surprise, Qin Chu came back.

Her heart was again filled with adolescent love#

They spent each passing day together, and no matter how irrational she was, and what she did wrong, Qin Chu never raised his voice in front of her.

To have a husband like this was everything she could ever ask for#

Huo Mian thought that she was lucky to have met Qin Chu, and she regretted nothing in this life.

The moment she got off from Qin Chu's back, Huo Mian held his face in her hands, and lightly kissed the tip of his nose.

She said, "Honey, right now, you're the most handsome man in the whole world."

Qin Chu's eyes suddenly filled with endless gentleness#

Huo Mian's words filled him with happiness the entire night# That was the magic of love.

Qin Chu hadn't even taken the time to shower as he pressed Huo Mian onto the soft rug, and pressed his lips against hers.

His right hand swam up and down her body in impatient movements#

Huo Mian closed both her eyes and her heart filled with nervousness and happiness#

She wanted to give herself to Qin Chu at an appropriate moment. She didn't want them to plan things intentionally and wanted to go with the flow.

His hand swam inside the collars of her shirt, and immediately snapped open her bra#

Only lord knew how long Qin Chu had waited for this moment#