Chapter 2676 – Possessed by Devil (26)

"Qian-Qian, are you inside?" at the door, Yan Ruoxi asked meekly.

Nothing answered her.

She walked in with caution and discovered that it was pitch dark.

It was an empty room with gray walls. There was nothing else.

She walked in slowly while looking at the walls and suddenly discovered# There seemed to be scratch marks on the walls.

It looked like the claw marks of an imprisoned beast...

Upon seeing this, she felt even more suffocated...

She was even on the verge of tears.

"Qian-Qian# come out. I'm scared." Yan Ruoxi's voice was slightly shaky.

At that moment, she suddenly heard the door close with a bang.

Yan Ruoxi backed against the wall in fear and didn't dare to move...

Then, a secret door facing the wall opened. A black beast with black fur walked out viciously.

It was about a meter tall and reeked of blood...

Yan Ruoxi's eyes widened. She opened her mouth but couldn't produce any sound.

She thought that it was a wolf# It looked like a black, vicious, lone wolf.

The wolf slowly walked towards her with a strange look in its eyes. Its tongue hung out and looked at her as if she was dinner.

Now, she finally knew why Ah-Cheng wouldn't let her come up.

Huo Siqian owned such a vicious animal. She had not known that even after knowing him for a few years.

"Qian-Qian#" she softly spoke Huo Siqian's name, hoping that he would appear and save her.

However, there was no response#.

In her whole life, Yan Ruoxi had never felt so close to death.

When she looked at the wolf, her brain was completely empty.

She couldn't think of any last words, epiphanies, anything at all.

Suddenly, the lone wolf screeched, raised its front paw, and lunged at her#

"Ah#" Yan Ruoxi yelled and closed her eyes. She thought that she was going to end up in a wolf's stomach.

At that time, she heard a whistle...

The lone wolf suddenly stopped, turned around, and walked in another direction obediently.

Yan Ruoxi opened her eyes and found the wolf already went the other way.

It was going towards a person standing next to the window.

He was wearing a black coat with a lighter in his hand.

With the moonlight, she could make out his approximate shape but not appearance.

"Qian-Qian, is that you?" she asked.

The lighter was ignited and the person turned around with the light of the fire shining on his face.

Yan Ruoxi collapsed to the ground in fear, her face was pale.

The person looked exactly the same as Huo Siqian. However, underneath his eyes were two thick black lines running straight down his face.

It looked terrifying, he seemed to be a ghost in the night light.

"You're the mayor's daughter, Yan Ruoxi, right?" he asked.

His voice was coarse and terrifying...

"Who# who are you and where is Qian-Qian?" Yan Ruoxi felt her soul leaving her body.

"You're asking for Huo Siqian? Ha, he's not here."

"Where# where did he go?" she asked nervously.

"Every time I come out, he disappears." He smiled deviously.