Chapter 2675 – Possessed by Devil (25)

"Ah-Cheng, how dare you undermine me like this?" Yan Ruoxi had never been treated this way. She could let it go when Huo Siqian treated her indifferently.

However, now, even Huo Siqian's minions were getting out of control. As the mayor's daughter, Yan Ruoxi was enraged.

"I am not undermining you, Miss Yan." Cheng's tone was serious.

"Then let me in."


"Don't think I can't ask my daddy to make you disappear#" Yan Ruoxi yelled.

Ah-Cheng was silent...

Yan Ruoxi directly tried to walk in, but Ah-Cheng immediately blocked her way, not willing to step aside at all.

"Miss Yan, this is for your own good# Please don't make it difficult for me." Cheng stared her dead in the eyes.

"For my own good? I don't need it#" Yan Ruoxi was very angry.

"At this time, I cannot let you in. Miss Yan, I am only a subordinate and I am following the boss's rules. Please don't put me in a difficult spot. Please leave, really. This is for your own good." Ah-Cheng looked hopeless. He didn't know that there would be a woman as foolish as Yan Ruoxi.

Although he didn't like Mo Xue'er much either, she was much more intelligent than Yan Ruoxi.

Seeing Ah-Cheng not willing to move out of her way no matter what, Yan Ruoxi got an idea and yelled...

"Qian-Qian, Huo Siqian#"

"Miss Yan, do you want to die?" Ah-Cheng's facial expression changed drastically.

"Qian-Qian, I want to come in# Make them get out of my way," she paid no attention to Ah-Cheng and kept yelling.

Ah-Cheng didn't care about his manners anymore and rushed to cover Yan Ruoxi's mouth with his hand, trying to prevent her from making any more noise.

Yan Ruoxi had a fiery temper and bit Cheng's palm...

"Ahh#" Cheng gasped in pain and let go.

Yan Ruoxi took the opportunity and bolted upstairs...

"Miss Yan, come back# You can't# You can't go..." Ah-Cheng frowned. No matter how much he warned her, she wouldn't listen.

She just wanted to see Huo Siqian and wouldn't leave without fulfilling her wish.

Ah-Cheng covered his wound and was about to bolt upstairs to drag her down when suddenly, a cold voice sounded from the end of the hallway on the second floor.

"Let her come up."

"Boss#" Ah-Cheng seemed afraid.

"You guys can go."

"Yes, Boss."

Ah-Cheng didn't dare to move one step forward, yet Yan Ruoxi walked forwards victoriously.

However, she suddenly paused. Was the voice# Huo Siqian's?

If it wasn't, Ah-Cheng wouldn't call him boss and listen to his words.

However, if it were Huo Siqian, why did his voice sound different from normal#?

Normally, his voice was gentle and warm. However, that voice was coarse and a little shrill.

The lights in the second-floor hallway were dimmed...

At the end of the hallway was where the sound came from. That was a room that Huo Siqian never let her go into.

She didn't know what was inside.

As she walked down the hallway, she began to feel a bit regretful.

Ah-Cheng was so against her coming up this time. Could it be... that something was really different than usual?

Yan Ruoxi slowly approached the door...

When she arrived, she noticed that the door was opened...

She felt a chill down her back and tingle on her skin. She felt regretful and questioned why she insisted on coming up.