Chapter 2671 – Possessed by Devil (21)

"Yo-You# How#" Liu Ze struggled to find words; he never would have thought that Huo Mian would know any of this.

"Are you surprised?" Huo Mian smiled once more.

"You're truly smart, Huo Mian." Liu Ze finally composed himself and responded in a calm manner, dropping all pretenses with the 'vice-director' title and directly calling Huo Mian by her name.

"It has nothing to do with being smart, anyone can notice it if they were slightly detail-oriented. I know Su Yu well enough to know that he would never do such a thing. You, on the other hand, wouldn't frame him for no reason. You only have one goal for all the traps you've set up for him, and it's because you hated him to begin with,"

Liu Ze was just about to open his mouth, but Huo Mian continued, "Rest assured knowing that you're not being recorded secretly. Such a low tactic is below me, so you can just relax and have a conversation with me. No need to be too cautious."

Liu Ze chuckled, "Fine. I believe you. You've had a stellar record for your morals. So, when did you find out about everything?"

"Not too long ago. To be honest, I was initially very surprised. I didn't think you were Zhao Xiya's boyfriend." Huo Mian scanned Liu Ze's face calmly.

"You know Yaya too?" Upon speaking about Zhao Xiya, Liu Ze's eyes became soft and tender without himself even knowing.

"No, I didn't know her. But, when she passed, coincidentally, I was just outside of Su Yu's mansion. I never met her, but because of what happened, I was Su Yu's witness in proving his innocence."

Liu Ze's eyes dimmed. "Of course. How could I forget? Initially, Yaya wanted to use her death to avenge her sister. She wanted her death to throw Su Yu's life into chaos, but YOU! All because of your court appearance, Yaya died for NOTHING!"

Liu Ze glared at Huo Mian hatefully and continued, "Huo Mian# You and Su Yu# After all these years, how could you guys live without any remorse? So many innocent lives passed because of you guys!" Upon speaking of Zhao Xiya's death, Liu Ze became very agitated. To others, her death might have happened four years ago, but to him, it was like it had just happened yesterday.

"Let me correct you, Liu Ze. I'm not passing the buck, but Zhao Xiya's death has nothing to do with me. She died because she wanted to seek vengeance for her sister. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do that, but her method was a little extreme. Have you ever looked at the reason Su Yu sent Zhao Qingya to jail?" Huo Mian said harshly as he looked Liu Ze in the eye.

Liu Ze, on the other hand, stayed quiet.

"What Zhao Qingya did was beyond crossing the line. If after all that, I still didn't fight back, then I would be nothing but a coward. So, the fact that Zhao Qingya went to jail was not because it was enforced by Su Yu, it was because she deserved it. There are laws within a country, and when there are laws, there are consequences. If a person goes against the law, they shall receive the rightful punishment! Therefore, it doesn't matter if it was Zhao Qingya or Zhao Xiya, regardless of what their consequences were; it all has nothing to do with Su Yu."

"Of course you would side with Su Yu, you're his friend!" Liu Ze said furiously.

"No, this has nothing to do with being friends with someone. I'm speaking of this incident purely based on what is right and wrong."

"Are you talking about justice?" Liu Ze chuckled crazily, "What justice does this world still have to offer? The moment Yaya died, my world had already crashed and burned," he continued in a saddened tone.

"So, you forgo your future and seek vengeance for someone that has passed, regardless of the price you must pay, right?" Huo Mian glanced at Liu Ze with pity.