Chapter 2670 – Possessed by Devil (20)

"Let's talk outside."

"Why talk outside? Unless you two have some despicable secrets going on, you can just talk about it here," upon hearing Lin Mingyu wanted to talk outside, Liu Ze began yelling for him to announce the results immediately, as he was anxious to see if he was off the hook.

Lin Mingyu glanced over at Huo Mian, seeking her opinion.

"We can announce the result here, I believe Doctor Lin has made his assessment openly and fairly," said Huo Mian as she nodded.

"Vice Director Huo was correct, his wound is rather problematic," Lin Mingyu answered slowly as he took off his gloves.

"What do you mean? You better watch what you're saying, don't attempt to frame me," Liu Ze continued to raise his voice.

"The wound that actually cut through his tendons didn't come from the fruit knife. If I'm not mistaken, the wound was caused by a limited edition Germany military dagger made in 1997. The dagger is extremely powerful and can cut through metal like it's mud. The one who hurt him was going for his life."

"What the hell are you saying?" Liu Ze denied with his words, but his face turned pale.

"Don't be so hasty, I'm not done. At the surface of the wound, there's another one that is shallower. The shallow wound floating on top is the one caused by the fruit knife, and it's not powerful enough to break a tendon."

"Great." Huo Mian nodded with satisfaction at the fact that her theory was correct.

"So what? You can't possibly let Su Yu off the hook just because he didn't slash my veins. The fact that he waved a knife at me should be enough to send him to jail for attempted murder," Liu Ze continued playing to the story that it was Su Yu who wanted him dead.

Lin Mingyu glanced over at Liu Ze coldly and continued, "Despite the fruit knife having Su Yu's prints, he didn't actually do it."

"No way. How dare you try to let him off the hook! We were the only two people in the room, and if he didn't do it, then who did? Unless you think I did this to myself?" Liu Ze scoffed.

"Correct, you did do this to yourself. I think you're forgetting the fact that a self-inflicted wound is very much different from a wound caused by someone else. As a senior forensic examiner, I've seen hundreds of thousands of knife wounds. Just by glancing at the angle and depth of the wound, I could tell that your wound was self-inflicted," Ling Mingyu said without any emotions.

"Bul-Bullshit! You're trying to frame me!" Liu Ze screamed.

"I never treat anyone with injustice; I am a qualified forensic doctor."

"Thank you, Doctor Lin. I've understood the situation now."

"No worries, it's my job. I will report back my findings to the bureau."

"Okay, let's talk another time." Huo Mian politely sent Lin Mingyu on his way. Upon watching Ling Mingyu leave with his assistant, Huo Mian once again returned to the ward.

"You think a report from an examiner can wipe clean Su Yu's accusations? It's not that simple," said Liu Ze, as he refused to believe he had been defeated.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, smiled slightly.

"What are you smiling about?" Liu Ze's heart sank as he watched the corner of her lip curl, he knew how calm and savvy she was.

"Forget that, let's talk about the past."

Liu Ze glanced up at Huo Mian but didn't say anything.

"Your girlfriend, she was very pretty," Huo Mian said.

Liu Ze's face slightly changed, and it was hard to cover the panic in his eyes.

"What're you saying? How could I have a girlfriend? The whole workplace knows I'm single," Liu Ze answered weakly.

"Don't you think the deceased Zhao Xiya would be heartbroken if she heard what you just said?"

Upon hearing what Huo Mian had said, Liu Ze's eyes bulged, but he couldn't come up with any more snarky remarks.