Chapter 2669 – Possessed by Devil (19)

Liu Ze had always thought what he had done was foolproof, and that no one would notice anything out of the ordinary even if they were to re-examine the wound.

After all, he had ruthlessly added an additional scar to himself after he had been wounded by the mysterious man, all for the sake of appearing more realistic when he placed the blame on Su Yu.

Hence, the wound on the surface did, in fact, come from the fruit knife, and when Liu Ze used it to hurt himself, he had gloves on to ensure no fingerprints were left behind.

By the time Su Yu walked through the door, out of instinct, he had automatically picked up the fruit knife, causing him to become the primary suspect. Needless to say, this was the unraveling of an evil masterplan.

A regular doctor would only examine the surface wound, and would often neglect any details below it. However, as a forensic examiner, Lin Mingyu not only had to follow a more rigorous procedure, he was also detail-oriented. Not only that, he was also a forensic examiner that was specially employed by the city bureau, and that was why Huo Mian had gone to him for help.

Liu Ze cooperated and stayed still as Lin Mingyu's assistant laid out all the required equipment and tools. Efficiently, Lin Mingyu put on a pair of glove and a mask and began working away.

Huo Mian stood on the side, watching silently while enduring Liu Ze's contemptuous mockery.

"Vice Director, why don't you tell me why you have such an amazing life? You have so many men that are entrenched by you. Logically speaking, you are not very pretty, nor do you have a tender personality. Unless it's because you're excellent in bed? That's why all these men can never get enough of you?" Liu Ze never disliked Huo Mian, but his need to seek vengeance for Zhao Xiya had already made him forget everything. He couldn't help but insult Huo Mian at the thought that she was helping Su Yu.

Huo Mian had already read his mind; instead of providing a rebuttal, she simply remained expressionless, as if Liu Ze had been talking about someone else this entire time.

Lin Mingyu, on the other hand, couldn't bare listening any longer. Consciously, he pressed hard on Liu Ze's wound.

"Ouch! What're you doing?! Don't you know to be gentle?" Liu Ze snapped back and glared at Lin Mingyu.

"Don't be so fussy and talk so much. If all the men in our country were like you, we'd be a huge laughing stock to the American armies when we were in a war to resist U.S aggression. You're such a joke."

"Mr. Forensic Examiner, have I offended you before?" Liu Ze asked directly, seeing that Lin Mingyu had a bad attitude towards him.


"Then why do I feel like you have some bone to pick with me." Liu Ze squinted at Lin Mingyu.

"You're thinking too much, I never let personal considerations affect business affairs," Lin Mingyu answered in a business-as-usual-tone. Liu Ze, on the other hand, no longer had the capacity to keep mocking Huo Mian, as he was purely occupied by the pain stemming from his wound.

It didn't take much for Huo Mian to notice that Lin Mingyu deliberately hurt Liu Ze because he was insulting her. All of a sudden, Huo Mian felt that despite appearing cold, Lin Mingyu was actually a very kind individual. But, unfortunately, they would never be friends.

It was never Huo Mian's intention to be a saint, to be friends with every single man that liked her. In the end, it was not quite fair for Qin Chu. Su Yu, on the other hand, was an exception. To Huo Mian, Su Yu was her and the twins' savior. After all these years, she owed him a mountain of gratitude. She would never forget that during the hardest time of her life, it was the Su Family that gave her a helping hand and took her in.

- 20 minutes later -

"Alright, we're done." Lin Mingyu took off the mask and let out a huge breathe.

Impatiently, Liu Ze pulled down his sleeves to cover his wrist.

"Doctor Lin, what's the verdict?" Huo Mian looked at Lin Mingyu and asked anxiously.