Chapter 2668 – Possessed by Devil (18)

"Then? Oh, I just beat her up".

"Tch# You would actually hit a woman?" said Qin Ning with an unbelieving look.

"Excuse me, that one is not a normal woman, okay? Besides, every human should have a bottom line to how much they can take and you are my bottom line. She insisted on crossing it again and again. Just because she's a female, she can't get to do whatever she wants and then gets to be forgiven. If women could do that, wouldn't this world be complete chaos?" Tang Chuan rolled his eyes.

Tang Chuan thought about it carefully and found what he said to be pretty reasonable.

"So# when you hit her did you feel bad?"

"Baby, are you serious. If I felt bad for her would I still hit her? Also, let me correct you, it's not hit, it's beating up," said Tang Chuan shamelessly while having his congee.

"Fine, you win." Qin Ning looked helpless.

Inside the office, just as Huo Mian was about to start his rounds around the ward after picking up the patient files, Chen Jie walked in and said, "Chief, there's a judicial doctor sent from the city police department that said he's here to examine Dr. Liu Ze's wound. Maybe you should go and take a look."

"Oh yeah? I'll go check it out."

Knowing it was Lin Mingyu, Huo Mian unexpectedly felt a little excited.

After all, this was the key piece of evidence of Su Yu's innocence.

She put on her white robe to hurry downstairs, while Lin Mingyu got to Liu Ze's ward just ahead of her.

"Dr. Lin."

"Director Huo," Lin Mingyu sounded formal. There was an assistant behind him, holding all his equipment.

"Thank you for coming." Huo Mian was grateful.

"No worries. It's my job. Let's go."

Afterward, Lin Mingyu pushed the door and entered.

Liu Ze was watching the morning news and was a little aggravated upon seeing a stranger entering.

"Who are you? Who let you in?" Liu Ze was a little short-tempered.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Lin Mingyu, the coroner specially invited by the city bureau."

"Coroner? Why are you looking for me? Shouldn't you be working with dead bodies? I'm not dead yet, did you enter the wrong room?" Liu Ze yelled impatiently.

"I invited him over," Huo Mian walked out from behind Lin Mingyu and explained seriously.

"Huo# Vice Director, what's this about? Everything's fine, so why did you invite a coroner over? What I need most right now is a quiet recovery, don't you know?"

"I know, but I still think there are lots of questionable points, so I invited Dr. Lin to examine your wound."

"Examine wounds? Are you serious? Shouldn't examining simple wounds be covered by our hospital? Why do you need a coroner?" said Liu Ze with disdain, his mouth slightly raised.

"Of course our hospital can take care of examining the wound, but it's not as official as Dr. Lin."

"Nonsense, I don't accept any wound examination from a coroner. Now you all get out of here!" Liu Ze lost his patience.

"You don't have the right to decline, unless# you drop Su Yu's charges," said Huo Mian confidently.

"Drop them? Ha# Vice Director, is that because I sued someone you care about and now you are worried? Feeling anxious now?"

Huo Mian wasn't angered by what he said, she just calmly looked at him.

At this time, Lin Mingyu took out a document from his briefcase and threw it on the bed, right in front of Liu Ze.

"What's that?" asked Liu Ze.

"This is the record of the medical examination, I'm just following Director Gao from the city police bureau's order to perform this wound examination on you. You better cooperate," said Lin Mingyu directly.

"You think just performing a wound examination can prove Su Yu's innocence? Ha# Too na?ve," Liu Ze laughed coldly.

"Dr. Lin's time is really precious. You better save your words and just cooperate. Wait until the results come out, then come and brag to me," said Huo Mian calmly.