Chapter 2666 – Possessed by Devil (16)

"What? What am I doing? I can't even kiss my own wife?" Tang Chuan asked, as if he had taken it for granted.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Tang Chuan, I didn't officially marry you so I'm not your wife yet."

"So now you're guilt-tripping me for not getting engaged with you? Haha, fine I'll propose now. Let's go get registered right now, shall we?" said Tang Chuan while holding Qin Ning's hands tightly.

"You# you're really willing to marry me?" Qin Ning looked up at him.

"Of course."

"So# let me ask you. If I weren't Qin Ning, would you still be willing to marry me?" asked Qin Ning again.

Tang Chuan was confused upon hearing this.

"Wait, what do you mean, Ning? I'm so confused. What do you mean what if you're not Qin Ning? Are you saying you were picked up by the Qin Family? Or you were adopted by Qin Chu's second uncle?" Tang Chuan's thoughts ran wild.

"No# What I meant was that if I were just a normal girl, not the princess of the Qin Family nor a board member of GK Headquarters, would you still be willing to marry me?"

After Tang Chuan heard this, he finally understood what she meant.

He slowly took back his hands that were on hers, and his face slowly changed.

"So, you think the reason I want to marry you is your identity as a princess and because of your family wealth?"

"I#" she didn't sound confident after being questioned by Tang Chuan.

"Ning-Ning, you are younger than me so you didn't think too much and asked such a hurtful question -- I don't blame you. But let's talk about a more obvious question. Do you think# that I'm someone that needs money?"

"No." Qin Ning shook her head.

"Then do you think I'm power-hungry?"

"Also no." Qin Ning knew that Tang Chuan didn't even want to take care of his own family business. He loved freedom without limitations, just being free and happy like a bird.

"So are you thinking that there's only you: one princess from a famous family and only you are suitable for me? Huh?" asked Tang Chuan sharply.

"No. If you just wanted to find a princess, you'd have a lot of choices. I know you've been a ladies' man," answered Qin Ning without any expression on her face.

"So Ning-Ning, I think a person as smart as you wouldn't ask such a stupid question. To be honest, your question made me unhappy. I feel like an idiot right now. It's not as if we've just met and don't know one another well yet. We've been together long enough. Why don't you know me well enough by now to ask such a classless question?" asked Tang Chuan.

"I# I just#" Qin Ning bit her lips, wanting to say something but didn't.

Now, Tang Chuan suddenly thought about something. He looked up and asked her, "So is this because of the video that Jin Yin showed you? You care about what my mom said?"

Qin Ning hesitated for few seconds and nodded softly.

"I was right. I knew that bitch has her underhanded ways. I should have ripped her mouth out." Tang Chuan was angry.

"So does that mean the video is fake? Did Jin Ying wrong your mom?" Qin Ning questioned back unhappily.

"No. The video is real. What my mom said wasn't exactly wrong, either," Tang Chuan tried to explain patiently.

"So# I have all the reasons in the world to question the purpose of why you wanted to marry me, don't I? I don't think what I did was really classless," questioned Qin Ning calmly.