Chapter 2660 – Possessed by Devil (10)

"They're not going anymore," Qin Chu replied calmly.

"They're not? Are you kidding?" Rick asked in surprise.

"The fact that my daughters are leaving is only for show, sort of like a smokescreen. I've let out the news that they're leaving in two days, I believe certain people will be waiting for the chance at the airport. By then, it will be as easy as catching a turtle in a jar."

"I see. You're so cunning." Rick couldn't help but acknowledge Qin Chu's tactics.

"On your end, just send a couple of guys and put on a show."

"Okay, understood."

After a call with Rick, Qin Chu sent another order to his subordinates. He wondered if Huo Siqian and other hostile enemies would take action, knowing that his daughters were leaving.

- In the other room -

"Mommy, I think Auntie is not feeling super happy, I'm going to visit her, okay? You can talk to Sis first!" With a pair of shorts and a tank top on, Little Bean jogged over to find Qin Ning, looking rather adorable.

"Okay," Huo Mian called after her, and then continued, "Pudding, do you want to bring anything on your carry-on before leaving?"

"Mommy, you really think we're leaving?"

"Um#" Huo Mian stuttered.

"Daddy's#" As Pudding was about to continue, Huo Mian quietly shushed her and turned on the anti-eavesdrop device. She then continued, "Okay, you can talk now."

"Daddy is obviously trying to lure the tiger out of the mountains. He wouldn't let us go to go to the U.S alone. He's just using this opportunity to get rid of the enemies that have terrible thoughts towards us."

"Pudding, you indeed very smart. That is exactly what your daddy is trying to do."

"Any idiot would be able to tell. Mommy, you love us so much, but you didn't even stop Daddy. Clearly, you guys set everything up." Pudding scoffed.

"Well# your grandparents and Auntie are both unaware of this. The more people that know about this, the higher the chance that a mistake might happen."

"I know, I won't tell them. I trust that Daddy will explain everything in the future."

"Okay, my daughter, I'm so proud of you!" It had just dawned on Huo Mian that Pudding was very bright, almost to the point of surpassing her younger self.

"So, Mommy, can I ask you a question now?"

"Sure, what is it?" Huo Mian smiled at her older daughter, an aura of motherly love radiating off of her.

"Do you have a baby now?" Pudding asked in a serious manner. Her expression was light and calm, just like an adult, but her voice still sounded like a young toddler.

Upon hearing what Pudding said, Huo Mian could barely hide her surprise.

"Pudding, how did you#"

"Mommy, answer me first. Yes or no?"

After contemplating for three long seconds, Huo Mian finally nodded. "Yes."

"I knew it! Looks like our family will soon have an additional member!" Pudding smiled.

"Pudding, how did you know?"

"Just by your reactions. Mommy, you usually have a pretty good appetite. But, lately, you're constantly feeling nauseous and you've been throwing up. Not only that, you're always secretly going to the bathroom. If you had the stomach flu, you'd prepare the medications yourself, but I've never seen you take any medication."

"I see. What's inside of that little brain of yours? You're so smart! I don't even know what else to say to you." Huo Mian stroked Pudding's head lovingly.

"Mommy, it's a good thing that you have another baby on the way, but why aren't you telling Daddy about this? If he knew, he would be so happy!" Pudding asked.