Chapter 2658 – Possessed by Devil (8)

Jin Ying had a recording of Tang Chuan's mother.

Qin Ning had never officially met her, but she knew what Tang Chuan's mother looked like.

In the video, Tang Chuan's mother loudly said in a belittling tone, "That little girl from the Qin Family is shamelessly latching onto my son# Her dad even wants to give Chuan his company# But our Chuan isn't a leech, and we don't need that kind of allowance money. Who does? My son is still young and unpredictable. He's just in it for the fun. He's never going to marry that girl# I never liked the Qin Family, especially GK's young president# He always looks so arrogant and dominating like his family owns the world# You guys, if you know any girls who are polite, educated, and came from a clean background, introduce them to Chuan. They have to be a virgin, I don't want my daughter-in-law to be impure# I don't want my grandson to come from a woman like that# Our family, we don't care about how well-off her family is, as long as she's kind to me and my family and can raise children, we're happy."

The video ended. Qin Ning's expression was beyond sour.

"How is that, Miss Qin? It stings, doesn't it? To tell you the truth, Chuan's mother is hard to deal with. She won't even accept a girl thousand times richer and more beautiful than you# So, don't really think of yourself as Tang Chuan's fiancee."

"Thank you for your kindness, Ms. Jin. I don't care how the Tang Family views me, I only care about Tang Chuan's love for me."

"You don't care if he's using the marriage for financial reasons?" in disbelief, Jin Ying asked.

"That's right, I don't care. As long as Tang Chuan is with me, I'm fine. Much better than people like you who can't cherish him and come crawling back when you realize how good he is," Qin Ning argued.

"Haha, I am impressed by your resolve, Miss Qin," she mockingly laughed.

"You might not have heard of this, but a marriage built on the basis of mutual benefaction lasts longer# After all, our backgrounds match, and we both benefit. You're lucky to be able to marry his third uncle with a background like yours. You will never get to marry Tang Chuan, but I can# Even if the Tang Family is using me for my background, I am going to marry him. You will never. That is that."

Qin Ning's words almost killed Jin Ying...

"Okay, if that's what you believe, I'll leave you to it, haha.." She turned and left.

"You're really a b*tch to the core#" furious, she yelled in her heart at the woman's silhouette.

When the twins came out, they found their aunt in a bad mood.

"What's with the long face? Did you break up?" Little Bean teased Qin Ning.

"Little Bean, can you talk about something luckier?" Qin Ning didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Lucky? Okay. Are you pregnant?" Little Bean continued to ask.

Qin Ning almost choked on her spit...

At that moment, her phone rang. She looked and saw that it was from Tang Chuan.

However, Qin Ning didn't really want to pick up.

"Auntie, you have a call," Pudding thought she didn't hear it and kindly reminded her.