Chapter 2653 – Possessed by Devil (3)

"You will do it for a just and fair outcome, for your profession as a forensics doctor, for maintaining the honesty of your career, and for your own integrity and morals," Huo Mian said, slowly.

"Okay, Huo Mian, you win#" Lin Mingyu sighed. He was impressed by Huo Mian.

Huo Mian didn't say anything. She heard him say, "I thought you'd offer to pay me off with money or something."

"Do you need it?" she smiled and asked.

He smiled too. "Or you'd try to bribe me with an expensive gift, or lure me with material goods."

"That won't work on you, everyone knows that you're the most principled person in the City Bureau. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been as successful."

"I didn't think that the mighty Vice Director Huo would praise others." Lin Mingyu smiled.

"I'm not praising you, I'm speaking the truth."

"Okay, I wanted to give you a hard time but you shut me up right away# It looks like I can't hold up against you the moment you talk. No wonder everyone says that the Vice Director of South Side is an intelligent woman# No one could be jealous of your talents, they just stand in awe and admiration."

"Okay, Doctor Lin, we can stop complimenting each other now# I really need your help this time."

"I can help you," he answered right away.

"Thank you." Huo Mian was a little surprised, she didn't think that he could be so easily convinced.

"No, don't thank me yet. I will reevaluate Liu Zhe's wound, but if it turns out that there was no other wound beneath the one the fruit knife caused, I will report it as such. I will not change the results because Su Yu is your friend," Lin Mingyu said.

"That's not a problem, I understand# That's the way it's supposed to be#"

"You trust him that much?" Lin Mingyu looked at Huo Mian seriously.

"Mhm, I believe him. I've known him as a friend for years, he would never do something like this."

"Su Yu is lucky to have a friend like you." Lin Mingyu was a little envious.

"No, I am lucky to have a friend like Su Yu." She smiled softly and sincerely.

At that moment, Lin Mingyu finally understood why everybody liked Huo Mian. If Su Yu heard what she was saying, he might've fainted from the overwhelming emotions.

"I'm not the gossiping type, but I heard that you and your husband are on the edge of a divorce#"

"So?" Huo Mian laughed.

"So# You're trying to clear Su Yu's name now, what if someone over-exaggerates the incident against your family? Also, from what I've heard, even though the Su Family didn't get involved in Su Yu's situation right now, he would never go to jail# In other words, it doesn't matter if he did it or not, he'll never be locked up# So is clearing his name really worth it? Even if it jeopardizes your marriage?"

After Huo Mian heard that, she stared at his face and slowly answered, "I, Huo Mian, will never let one of my friends be set up and framed by others. So no matter what I sacrifice, I would never allow that to happen. Never."

"So, is it really worth it? Or, do you really have some feelings for Su Yu," Lin Mingyu asked, unsure.