Chapter 2639 – Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (19)

"Mian, I'm so jealous#" Huo Siqian said.

"What are you jealous of?" Huo Mian furrowed her brows.

"Before, it was Qin Chu# and now, Su Yu. Why are you so nice to everyone but me?"

Huo Siqian sounded sad. When he found out that Huo Mian was willing to do everything to get Su Yu out of trouble, he felt his gut twist.

It was jealousy, but it was also more than that. He was completely bitter. Anyway, it was a complex mix of emotions.

"Huo Siqian, you still don't get it?" Huo Mian asked calmly.

"Get what?"

"I'm kind to Su Yu because Su Yu's kind to me. Friendships are a two-way street. No one can just take and take without giving anything back."

"I don't agree with you. I care about you a lot too# even more than Su Yu# But you#" Huo Siqian paused.

"You call that care?" Huo Mian questioned.

"Is it not?"

"Of course not. Your definition of care is completely selfish. It's based on your happiness and your happiness only. You don't even care if I'm completely heartbroken. That's not caring about someone. Su Yu's different. He sees things from my perspective and thinks in my shoes. He's a trustworthy friend and you're not. You just want to possess, destroy, and divide and conquer."

"Haha#even if I don't try to drive a wedge between the two of you, do you really think you and Qin Chu will last?" Huo Siqian sneered.

"I don't care what happens between us. It's none of your business and I won't hold a grudge against him because of something you pulled. It's just that simple. Huo Siqian, you're already in your 30s. Can you stop acting so foolish and immature?"

"But Mian#I really love you#"

Huo Mian didn't even blink. She was too used to Huo Siqian's confessions.

"I don't want your love. I can't handle it."

"You can handle it. You're the only person in this world who can handle it. Mian, listen to me, leave Qin Chu. He doesn't really love you. He's hiding a lot from you# you're just not aware of it. If you knew, you wouldn't be so na?ve," Huo Siqian coaxed Huo Mian patiently as if she was a child.

"Save it. Stop acting like such a child. I will never believe you. I will always trust Qin Chu unconditionally. No matter what he does and no matter what he hides from me, he will always be the man I love. It's really easy for people to get lost in their lives#and honestly, I did wonder about our relationship before. But once I make a decision, I never turn back. That's how I operate. So, Huo Siqian, stop trying to convince me of something. No matter what you say, I will never change my mind," Huo Mian enunciated every word.

"Haha#" Huo Siqian laughed quietly.

Huo Mian didn't respond. She didn't know what he was about to say.

"My stupid girl# it's good though, it's your strength that makes me love you. My little Mian# my life is meaningless without you. So, whatever happens, I will do everything I can to be with you." Huo Siqian already made up his mind.

"Then come at us. Qin Chu and I will battle you sooner or later," Huo Mian said coldly.

"No, you're wrong#" Huo Siqian's tone was especially gentle.