Chapter 2635 – Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (15)

"Who are you looking for, little kid?" a female staff member, who had just come in and saw Little Bean, immediately asked.

After stopping her bodyguards outside the door, Little Bean walked into the accounting department. There were so many people here, that bimbo Zhang Manlin wouldn't be able to hurt her here.

"I#" Little Bean was just about to introduce herself when someone recognized her.

"Wait, isn't that Vice Director Huo's little princess?"

"She is! She looks exactly like her photos, are you the older one or younger one?" someone else asked.

"I am#" Before Little Bean could respond, a group of old women crowded around her; it was evident that these people had little to nothing to do at work# Therefore, a little kid like Little Bean who looked like a doll was an extremely rare sighting, and she immediately attracted their attention.

"Don't say anything, take a photo with me! Oh my gosh, you're so pretty! Our Vice Director has great genes#"

"Her husband is super good looking, alright? He's better looking than most celebrities#"

"Wait, I'm not an attraction, don't take photos of me! I'm here looking for someone, okay?" Little Bean finally couldn't take it anymore; she wasn't a tourist site, do they really think she was easy to be played with?

"You're the older one, right? I heard the older one has a really sharp tongue," some woman said.

Little Bean glanced faintly at the woman and responded, "You're screwed if my sister hears what you just said."

"Your sister? Haha, are you Little Bean?" The woman exclaimed and went back to taking photos of her#

At this moment, Little Bean seriously regretted calling dibs on Zhang Manlin 每 women were scary, especially the gossipy old ones here!

Finally, Little Bean decided to change strategies. She coughed and said loudly, "Hi everyone! I'm here to see Auntie Zhang Manlin."

"You're looking for Manlin?" someone asked.

"Yes, Zhang Manlin," Little Bean reiterated.

"She went upstairs to submit the daily report and will be right back. Sit tight."

"Okay, thank you!" Little Bean thanked the woman who helped her onto a chair.

"Did you come with your mommy, Little Bean?"

"No, she doesn't know I'm here."

"What? How did you get here then?"

"Oh, my sister and I are here to visit a patient, and I heard someone called Zhang Manlin really looks like my mommy, so I came out of curiosity. Does she really look like Mommy?" Little Bean asked innocently.

"She does, you'll see it too later when you see her."

Just then, Zhang Manlin came into the office.

"Manlin, perfect timing, a child's here to see you!" An older woman patted Zhang Manlin on the shoulder.

"Who?" Zhang Manlin responded nonchalantly as if she didn't give a crap.

"Me." Little Bean jumped down from her chair.

"Who are you?" Zhang Manlin had seen a photo of the twins, but she didn't remember what they looked like. Plus, all of her attention had been on Qin Chu, so she didn't recognize Little Bean at all.

"I'm Little Bean, Qin Chu and Huo Mian's daughter. I'm the younger twin," Little Bean introduced herself.

"What do you want?" Zhang Manlin's tone became icier upon finding out who Little Bean was. It was as if she was talking to a passerby, not patient at all as if she was talking to a three-year-old.