Chapter 2631 – Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (11)

Chapter 2631: Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (11)

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※Haha, Sis, I know what you*re thinking of doing.§ Little Bean smiled evilly.

※So?§ Pudding asked proudly.

※So# how can you not count me in on this? I want to go with you to meet the amazing Dr. Liu. Oh, and I also want to get to know the so-called mommy lookalike, Zhang Manlin. It*s perfect! Two birds with one stone.§ Little Bean*s eyes narrowed with excitement.

Little Bean*s remarks reminded Pudding. ※Little Bean, I have an idea.§

※What is it?§

※To save time on these scumbags, why don*t we do this separately?§

※You mean# we each deal with one of them?§


※Sure, but who do you want to deal with?§ Little Bean smiled.

※I*m fine with either, same to me.§

※Then leave Zhang Manlin to me. Damn it, I*m so sick of that little bitch.§ Little Bean couldn*t help but swear.

※Shh! If Mommy finds out you swore, you*re screwed.§ Little Bean glanced faintly at her sister.

※I know, I know. I*m always goody-two-shoes in front of Mommy, alright?§ Little Bean rolled her eyes.

※It*s decided then, let*s go to South Side together and then go our separate ways. Once we*re done, let*s meet back in the car. Grandma and Grandpa will never let us go alone, so let*s ask Grandpa Li to drive us. We can tell him that we want to visit Auntie Chen! Don*t ruin it okay? Mommy will never let us go if she found out why we want to go. After all, we*re still children to her.§

※Come on, I get it. You don*t have to give me step-by-step instructions, I*m not an idiot! Let*s go,§ Little Bean said impatiently.

※Wait, I have some tools to bring.§ Then, Pudding ran back into her room.

※Tools? Wow, Sis,§ Little Bean exclaimed; she was itching to meet with the two people who were ruining their parents* marriage. The twins knew that their parents were going to deal with Liu Ze and Zhang Manlin one day or another. However, now was not the right time 每 but the twins didn*t care for that.

The truth was, Pudding decided to take Liu Ze down because he tried to blackmail Su Yu. Pudding knew Su Yu would never stoop this low and do what Liu Ze accused him of!

Getting past the grandparents was easy, since their parents weren*t at home. After lying that they were going to South Side to visit Chen Jie, the twins quickly got dressed. They wore black suit jackets, white shirts, and red skirts.

Were they going to a hospital or a business gathering?

Uncle Li and the bodyguards took the twins to South Side in their extended Lincoln.

On the way, Pudding suddenly asked the driver to stop outside a flower shop. ※Wait, I want to pick up some flowers.§

※Is that necessary? Why would you do that?§ Little Bean asked, not sure what her sister wanted to do. However, Pudding ignored Little Bean and went straight in. When she got back into the car with two bouquets, Little Bean burst out in laughter.

※Sis, you*ve successfully replaced Jason Statham as my idol.§

※Don*t kiss-ass,§ Pudding refuted calmly.

※We*re here,§ Uncle Li reminded them.

※Grandpa Li, you guys can wait for us downstairs, we will just go in with two bodyguards. I don*t want to cause a commotion at the hospital,§ Pudding reminded.