Chapter 2615: If God Wants You Dead, He Will Make You Crazy First (5)

"Ah…Uh…I found it myself•丨_

"Really? How did you know we were hiring? If I remember correctly, Uncle Li almost never put up ads."

"I..." Cai Yue clearly didn't expect Huo Mian's question, so she froze up.

"I heard it from a friend..."

"What friend? What friend could be so informed?"

"Maybe... Maybe my friend's relative worked here before, that's why they knew. Young Madam, I'm going to take the garbage out now."

Cai Yue felt guilty and didn't dare to speak with Huo Mian any further. She lowered her head and exited with trash bags in hand.

Huo Mian smiled.

She was still a young girl and lost her ground as soon as she was asked.

After Cai Yue went outside, she immediately took out her phone and planned on calling Huo Siqian. However, nobody picked up...

"Eh? That's weird... Why isn't he picking up?" Cai Yue hid in the garden behind South Hill Manor and mumbled.

-At that moment inside a wealthy neighborhood -

Liu Ze was especially tired today. He really had low blood sugar and was really exhausted. However, his performance today was a little too exaggerated.

He thought that Huo Mian would show some mercy, however, Huo Mian was still as cold as ice.

He parked his purple Ferrari downstairs and walked outside with his keys.

"Huo Mian... That woman really is insensitive... I don't know what Qin Chu and Su Yu see in her... She's not beautiful or hot, and she's so arrogant... She must be boring in bed too, like a dead fish, haha."

While speaking, he walked upstairs. The building was six stories tall and was western-styled. Each suite had two hundred square meters and two floors.

Liu Ze was rich, that was known. He came back from abroad and had lots of money. His cars were the best.

Although he wasn't as flamboyant as Su Yu or hidden as Qin Chu, he did spend his money lavishly.

After coming back to China, Liu Ze hung around other young masters in the social circle. He even met with Shen Mingxi a few times.

Most people think that he was bored and worked at South Side to alleviate that boredom.

In reality, his only goal was to pursue Huo Mian.

He thought that with his looks and gentle words, he would be successful very quickly.

However, Huo Mian was like a wooden block, not giving him any chances.

The handshake yesterday was after a ton of effort. He had to pretend to be gravely sick.

Liu Ze might've been too tired, so he let his guard down. When he went upstairs, he didn't notice the figure following behind him.

Until he opened his door and entered...

Liu Ze should've been kept at the hospital, but he didn't like the smell so he drove home.

The instant he opened the doors, he was bluntly assaulted.

Something hit his back...

It was meant for his head, but he had a sixth sense and leaned away.

It hit his back hard and he immediately felt the piercing pain.

He fell on the ground, turned around, and saw a man with a skull mask and an ax in hand.

Immediately, he felt terrified...