Chapter 2614: If God Wants You Dead, He Will Make You Crazy First (4)

"Nothing..." Huo Mian smiled.

"I don't believe that. Mian, tell me the truth. Do you really think of me as an outsider?" Qin Ning pouted.

"No, definitely not. I just feel like a small conflict between husband and wife does not need to disturb everyone."

"A small conflict? You're on the verge of getting a divorce."

"Divorce? No, no, I finally married into the Qin Family against so many hardships... I don't want to separate. If I did, who is going to pay for my purses and cars? Haha," Huo Mian joked.

"Sis-in-Law... Now isn't the time for jokes."

"Humorous people live longer," Huo Mian tried to alleviate the tension.

"Anyways, I'll ask my brother when I see him." Seeing Huo Mian keep quiet made Qin Ning want to ask Qin Chu.

"Actually, that won't be too useful. He won't say anything either, just look at him," Huo Mian analyzed.

"Maybe, maybe not. I'm his favorite cousin... Before you married him, we were super close. Ha, I even know something you don't..."

Qin Ning accidentally let it slip.

"What thing?" Huo Mian immediately caught on.

"Oh... He... He has a weak stomach and can't eat too much seafood. He eats it anyway because he loves you." She immediately tried to make up an excuse.

It was obvious that it was just a cover-up.

It looks like Mr. Qin was hiding something from her, and Qin Ning knew about it.

Huo Mian had an idea in her head but didn't say anything.

Young Madam, it's time for dinner..."

"Mhm, get it prepared. I'll shower first."

Huo Mian showered upstairs. When she went back downstairs, it was almost seven, but Qin Chu still wasn't home. "Mommy, I'm so hungry..." Little Bean begged.

"We'll eat first without waiting for him." Looking at the time, Huo Mian felt like Qin Chu wouldn't come home for dinner.

"What's with him, he's not even coming home now," Qin Ning complained too.

Huo Mian, Qin Ning, and the twins ate around the huge table. The dinner didn't sit well with them.

Huo Mian was drowsy... She indeed caught a cold.

"Sis-in-Law, you don't look so well."

"Mhm, I might be a little sick," Huo Mian tiredly said.

"You should take meds, you're a doctor, shouldn't you know?" Qin Ning reminded.

"I... It's fine, I'll get the kitchen to make some ginger tea."

After dinner, Qin Chu still wasn't home. Pudding was watching the news on the couch, and Little Bean was eating fruits while reading mangas.

Qin Ning was chatting with Tang Chuan on her phone... They were in love and she always had a smile on her face when she was texting him.

Huo Mian was just about to give orders to the kitchen and discovered there was only one maid in the kitchen. Her name was Cai Yue.

She didn't want the maid to make the tea. After all, she was pregnant again and didn't want to bother the woman. 'Young Mistress, give me orders for whatever you want," said Cai Yue.

"Ah, that's fine. I want to make some ginger tea. I have lots of free time and want to do it myself," Huo Mian began working.

Cai Yue was on the side, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen...

Huo Mian suddenly tilted her head and asked, "Cai Yue, how long have you been working here for?"

"Uh, almost four months..."

"Oh, who recommended you to come here?" Huo Mian asked, seemingly carelessly.

Cai Yue's facial expression suddenly seemed unnatural...