Chapter 256: Something Good

Chapter 256: Something Good
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"Um# neither. You can have the wallet back, I can't accept this." Huo Mian picked up the wallet and shoved it back into Zhao Qingya's hands.

"Does hospital policy forbid you from accepting presents? It's okay, this isn't a bribe. It's just my present to you."

"No, it's me. But thank you, Miss Zhao, for the kind thought."

Zhao Qingya grasped the wallet in her hand with mixed emotions. She thought that if she showed off her relationship with Su Yu in front of the nurse, the little nurse would be scared by the competition and back down. After all, Zhao Qingya was the only one who Su Yu dated for all these years.

However, did the nurse's unwillingness to accept her present mean that she wasn't planning on letting go of Su Yu? Did she want even more from him?

At that thought, Zhao Qingya's face went grim as she looked Huo Mian up and down. "I thought you were a smart girl that knows her place, but it turns out that you're just an idiot who was dreaming of climbing up the ladder. You're not the most beautiful girl in the world nor are you from a wealthy family, so I'm not sure where you got the confidence to keep chasing after Su Yu. Smart women should know when to retreat in the face of a rapid torrent. I suggest that you move aside before he gets sick of you, or else your life will become worse when he dumps you. If you accidentally piss him off, you might not even be able to keep living in C City. Therefore, you should back down, or do you really want to compete against me? Unless# you think you're prettier than me and can become more popular?"

Huo Mian sighed slightly at Zhao Qingya's hostile remarks#

She wondered why women always viewed men as the most important things in their lives.

Did they have no sense of 'self'?

"Ms. Zhao, I think you misunderstood. Su Yu and I#"

"I don't care what's going on between you and Su Yu. He has so many women that I'm used to it. It's just# I want to remind you not to have your hopes up. An ordinary woman is incapable of tying him down. You should tread carefully#" Then, Zhao Qingya put on her sunglasses, turned on her heels, and left.

Huo Mian looked at her speechlessly#

That's what Huo Siqian told her, and now Zhao Qingya was telling her the exact same thing.

The problem was, why did they think that something's going on between Su Yu and her? She thought that her attitude towards Su Yu was much worse than her attitude towards the old man in room 2. At least she always smiled at Mr. Liu, treated him politely, and played Chinese chess with him.

Zhao Qingya left with the pink Lamborghini# and she made it onto the entertainment headlines that very evening.

"Imperial Star's Big Boss Spent More than Ten Million on a Limited-Edition Lamborghini for Zhao Qingya; Their Relationship is Stable, and Wedding Date is Near."

The media had been reporting on Zhao Qingya and Su Yu's possible wedding for a long time now; ever since Zhao Qingya's debut, the public relations team had been playing on this rumor, and Zhao Qingya never provided any formal explanations. However, every time news like this broke out, it added to Zhao Qingya's value as well as Imperial Star's stock prices. Therefore, Su Yu silently allowed for these rumors.

After all, Zhao Qingya was pushed to stardom by Imperial Star alone#

But those in the industry knew that it was just fake news. With Zhao Qingya's family background, there was no way she was going to become Mrs. Su.

Su Yu's grandfather used to be the chief of a military district and was extremely strict. He once announced that his granddaughter-in-law could work in any profession, so long as she didn't work in the entertainment industry.

Apparently, Su Yu was incredibly obedient to his grandfather. Therefore, news like that was purely for entertainment and not to be taken too seriously.

During Huo Mian's night shift that evening, Nannan protested as she read the newspaper, "See, Mr. Su regifted what you didn't want. Ten million, it's worth ten million yuan# It's such a shame, even I feel bad for you."

"It wasn't mine to begin with, you don't have to feel bad." Huo Mian smiled.

"You are one weird person. I can't believe you can stay unmoved in the face of money and power. You must really love your boyfriend." Nannan looked at Huo Mian as if she failed to convince Huo Mian to do what she thought was the right thing to do.

Huo Mian smiled again but didn't directly answer.

Even if she hadn't married Qin Chu, she still wouldn't date Su Yu#

She hated the power struggle within rich families and refused to even return to the Huo family. Of course, she wasn't about to marry into the Su family, another enterprise mogul.

During her shift, the patient in room 2 suddenly pressed the emergency alarm.

Huo Mian ran over in fear that something bad happened to Mr. Liu.

However, when she went in she realized that not only was Grandpa Liu fine and chewing on an apple, there was an elder woman, around the same age as Mr. Liu, standing beside him. She was wearing a traditional dress and had gentle features. Huo Mian knew that she was Mr. Liu's wife; apparently, she just returned from her daughter's home in Hawaii. Huo Mian had previously seen her in Mr. Liu's photos, so she looked familiar.

"Grandpa Liu, what's wrong?" Huo Mian looked at them, flabbergasted.

"Come here, Huo, come and sit down. We have something good to announce," Mr. Liu said mysteriously.

"Um#something good?" Suspicious, Huo Mian looked at the old couple.